Top 10 DYU lighweight e-bike model size comparison

dyu smart bike

Which is the smallest lightweight e-bike in size among all DYU smart bike series?

Let’s find it out through our comparison in the top 10 list of our smallest DYU e-bikes below.

Top 1

DYU Smart Electric Bike S1

Size: 92*50*91cm

Top 2

DYU Smart Electric Bike D1F

Size: 102*50.5*94cm

Top 3

DYU Smart Electric Bike D2F

Size: 102*50.5*94cm

Top 4

DYU Smart Electric Bike D1

Size: 102*50.5*94cm

Top 5

DYU Smart Electric Bike D2

Size: 105*50*96cm

Top 6

DYU Smart Electric Bike D2 +

Size: 109*29*67cm

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Top 7

DYU Smart Electric Bike V1

Size: 111*50*102.5cm; folding size:111*20*75cm

Top 8

DYU Smart Electric Bike D3 +

Size: 113.5*21*102cm

Top 9

DYU Smart Electric Bike D3F

Size: 117*50*99cm

dyu smart electric bike
beautiful Italian girl with dyu smart electric bike d3 plus

Top 10

DYU Smart Electric Bike A1

Size: 120*97*55cm


DYU A1F Smart Electric Bike

Size: 135*620*110cm



After comparison, DYU Smart Bike S1 is the smallest lightweight e-bike model among all DYU e-bike models. While the biggest size e-bike model is DYU A1F. The original intention or DYU smart e-bike is to provide users with some portable, stylish, fashion and convenient city travel tools. So if we were the riders, we would choose smaller ones. Besides, a smaller size reduces the e-bike body weight and increases your mileage with pure electricity.

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