What’s new in DYU Egret Smart Bike?

DYU Egret Electric Bike is launched

DYU L1/ DYU Egret Electric Bike is a new generation e-bike with high performance, smart and comfortable riding experience, and fashion look.


Unprecedentedly, DYU L1 comes with an amazing mileage of 80km in pure electricity power mode, and 100km mileage in pedal assisting mode. This 50 miles mileage is in the range covers most daily travel & commuting needs, which is very practical and realistic. And it’s the longest mileage electric bike among all DYU series vehicles.

DYU L1 Smart Electric Bike

However, more powerful performance means a heavier weight. The weight of DYU Egret electric bike has increased from the 15gk of DYU D3F to a new weight of 34kg (75lbs). Twice as before. So it’s not as portable as previous DYU e-bikes. Nevertheless, the 34kg weight is still lighter than most other brands. DYU positions itself as a lightweight & portable smart bike.


The soul of all the electric bikes is battery. DYU Egret electric bike takes the use of an automotive-grade lithium battery, meanwhile, it’s removable and rechargeable. It enables you to replace the used battery with a fully charged battery in a minute and start a new journey without waiting for too long.  It means unlimited mileage.
DYU Egret Electric Bike is launched

Moreover, dual BMS protection and 4th generation DTST smart power system is used in the DYU L1 model. BMS and DTST system monitors the battery state and ensures the safety of operation, which makes the charging safer.


In addition, there are GPS locating & bike posture sensing system, cycling scenario judgment, active reminder of falling down, a brand new system that calls for help automatically after an accident, cloud recording of riding habits, remote control, charging reminder, abnormal battery removal reminder, Bluetooth auto unlocking and APP function. Those all make the DYU Egret L1 e-bike a real SMART electric bike. It’s not only the name of the L1 is smart, the functions and all-round improved capabilities with the latest high tech all make the new e-bike smart.


In conclusion, DYU Egret/L1 e-bike with new smart elements and advanced performance is worth owning.

The new DYU Egret e-bike will be available soon. And welcome to leave a message below to learn more or pre-order.

DYU L1 Smart Electric Bike

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