DYU Electric Bike CEO Li Wei is Selected in the 2018 Hurun 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurship Leader List

Hurun Research Institute released “Hurun 30 *30 Entrepreneurship Leader 2018” on September 27.  Founder & CEO of F-wheel  & DYU Li Wei is successfully selected into the list. At the same time, 36 Krypton founder and CEO Liu Chengcheng, Harrow travel founder Yang Lei, Water Drops founder and CEO Shen Peng and so on, Wang Sicong, ofo Daiwei were included in the 2007 Hurun Pioneer Leadership List.
The richest people of China, chairman and chief investigator, said, “The richest people of China has been committed to encouraging entrepreneurship in China through authoritative lists in many fields.” The list selection sticks to the principle of Independent, Impartial and Objective, relying on the The richest people of China database, nearly 500 innovative enterprises are conducted with comprehensive and in-depth research. This is the second consecutive year that Hurun Research Institute released the 30 *30 list of entrepreneurship leaders, this year a total of 300 young talents from ten industries were listed.
2018 Hurun 30 * 30 Entrepreneurship Leader List is announced (part list)
Li Wei has been fascinated by computers since junior high school, from online games to simple web page production, from small program to computer hardware maintenance. When he was a sophomore in college, Li Wei began to work hard on the Internet to form his own business team. The team reached the maximum size of 30 people, simulated enterprise operation, its various departments were established,  and had been repeatedly reported by the local media.
Because Li Wei is good at computer programs, he is well-known among the national webmaster circle. When graduated in 2011, he was recommended to work in Baidu and worked as a product manager in a project. When Li Wei worked in Baidu, he had been in touch with more and more hard-and-soft products and engineers, and his perception of the Internet has changed dramatically,
How can a person with his own goals and dreams be bound? In Li Wei’s life plan, his goal was to create his own business empire, so he quit Baidu’s steady, high-paying job and devoted himself wholeheartedly to the smart personal commuting tool entrepreneurship.liwei cctv
Li Wei’s interview with CCTV news broadcast
In 2015, it was a year of high-speed development of F-wheel, during which Li Wei was also interviewed by CCTV News. The products were exported to more than 50 countries and received two rounds of financing. Li Wei and his team are fighting on the way to entrepreneurship. Li Wei himself is also outstanding: he won the silver prize of China’s “Internet +” College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and Zhengzhou’s 1125 Talents Gathering Plan. F-wheel was also awarded the Best Partner Award for Auto Travel in 2014, the Best Design Award in Hong Kong in 2016, and the Top 10 Balanced Vehicle Brands in the World in 2016.
Li Wei constantly pursues innovation and dream, and has completed the perfect turn from “Genius Internet Teenager” to “Smart Private Travel” model.
dyu smart bike d1
The representative of DYU Smart Bike – World Billiard Champion Liu Shasha
In 2017, after winning the top ten brands of the world’s balance vehicle, Li Wei created another brand under his flag, creating a new category, named DYU smart bike. In a short period of one and a half years, Li Wei quickly became the benchmark of the smart micro-electric bike industry, the market share in Singapore has led the first. The DYU positioned at the middle class’ second vehicle in the trunk of the cars, perfectly connecting with the car. DYU smart bike was on sale in 2017. On Taobao Crowdfunding, it was sold more than 12 million yuan in only one month, creating the highest sales record in the field of smart travel. But Li Wei’s ambition is more than that. According to him, he will strive to make F-wheel the first brand of smart micro-electric vehicles in China in 2019, hopefully, to meet the listing requirements of GEM by 2020. Finally, Li Wei emphasized: DYU smart bike ensures the best user experience at the right price.
Li Wei’s successful inclusion in Forbes China’s Under-30 Elite List on August 2, 2018 and 2018 Hurun Entrepreneurship Leadership List on 27, September 2018 illustrates once again the leading position of F-wheel and DYU in the industry, which also means that smart commuting tool is getting more and more attention from the outside world. Li Wei said that the list is not only for himself and F-wheel team, but also for the recognition of smart private travel. Since its inception, F-wheel & DYU smart bike has been innovating with new technologies, from F-wheel somatosensory vehicle, DYU Micro-Intelligent Electric Bike to Artificial Intelligence, aiming at providing better services for smart travel, promoting the intelligent development of the travel field, and accelerating the development of smart travel industry.