What does DYU stand for? What is the full name?

It’s a unique name. It stands for electric bike
Its full name is DYU. If we really have to give it a meaning, it origins from the Chinese word 大鱼 <DYU> punctuation. 大鱼 means Great or big fish. D stands for great/big. YU means fish
DYU, as the great fish, means becoming wealthier and richer every year, in China

Are there any plans for DYU D3 with front and rear shocks absorber/suspension?

It’s in the plan of the CEO. DYU – Fwheel company launch one or two new products every year. It is possible that D3 will be released this year

Why my APP has a flashback problem?

As to Android 4.4 and IOS8 system or higher system version of the phones, if every time starting the APP and it flashes back, please clean up the ram memory and storage cache to leave enough space to run the APP.

Why I have insufficient travel distance and poor endurance with my bike?

1. The travel distance and endurance is closely related to load, road condition, frequent braking and acceleration, and deceleration. Load 60kg, at a flat road, the current speed is about 1~2A at a uniform speed, but the current of acceleration and upslope will reach 12A when the load is 75kg, the constant speed of current on the flat road is about 4~6A, the unit capacity of the battery is mAh, indicating the integral of the current in time, and can also be simply understood as the product of the discharge current and the discharge time.

In conclusion, the different mileage will be different when in different load, road condition, the frequency of acceleration or deceleration and so on.

2. Possibly a part of the users see the electricity indicator shows last grid or yellow light, then they think the battery runs out. It is inaccurate to calculate the range of endurance in this way. The last grid or the yellow light means a low battery. According to the different circumstances, the following mileage can continue to be different.

After the test, when the load is 60kg,  battery at the last grid or the bright yellow light is on, and the bike is still, the deluxe version can continue to run 15km, and the standard version can continue to drive 5km. Even a few users saw only one blue light on the meter, and they thought it was no power, doubting that the battery was insufficient or the range was insufficient, it’s not scientific.

The endurance of the bike is strictly tested by the factory. Carrying 60kg, running on a flat road, from full power to full ride, and the mileage is the same as DYU official states.

3. The full electricity charge condition needs to relate with the charger light, when the bike power dashboard turns bright blue, it only indicates the quantity of electricity is more than 80%.  When the charger turns from red to yellow-green, it is full then.

DYU Bike D1 or DYU Bike D2, which is better?

D1 has no pedal while D2 has. D2 is better for the long trip while D1 has shorter mileage. The best one is the most suitable one for your specific use. Both are good and comfortable for riding.

Is Dyu ul2272 certified?

DYU is a UL2272 certified, LTA compliant e-scooter. This is one of the most popular seated e-scooter in the market due to its overall weight, room for additional accessories and affordability. In addition, it looks and feels like an electric bicycle (e-bike) thus appeals to existing bicycle owners.

Is Dyu LTA approved?


What’s the feature of DYU V1

DYU V1 features its comfortable riding experience and stylish appearance

Does F-wheel A5 have front and rear shocks absorber/suspension?

Yes, of course.

How to reset the password from DYU bike

You have to contact DYU support at [email protected] to reset the password manually.