DYU Electric Bike Weekly News in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Xi’an & Zhengzhou

This is another busy but beautiful week for DYU electric bike team from F-wheel. The good news in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Xi’an and Zhengzhou about DYU smart bike has never stopped happening. Below are the details of these news.


DYU smart bike of F-wheel company has established its second factory in Vietnam and the first batch of DYU electric bikes are produced and shipped to the customers.

vietnam factory dyu bike

Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Guangdong Coast Space welcomes the visit of National Standing Committee officers and leader Xu Jiankang. The space manager Mr. Ye reports his work and shows the masterpiece in this space to the officers. Those officers speak highly of this bike.


In a busy morning in the ancient city Xi’an, DYU smart bike fans gather together and hold a local 100 people meet-up and DYU e-bike riding festival.

This riding festival’s official name is New Standard Green Riding Festival. Its the third station of DYU global riding activity after Singapore and Shi Jia Zhuang.



National Development and Reform Commission team visit and instruct the DYU-F-wheel team this week.

DYU smart bike company represents the power and high technique of made in China products, as a result, it always wins the care and support from the government and national leaders.

The government has exempted over 10 million yuan tax of DYU – F-wheel company in the last 5 years, which boosts the advantage and competitive power of DYU company greatly.

DYU Smart Bike D2