How to maintain DYU electric bike in autumn?

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In this early autumn season when high temperature and heavy rain switch at will, is your DYU electric bike okay?
Then how to maintain DYU electric bike in hot and rainy autumn? The following 4 tips will make it easy.

Tip 1

Avoid high-temperature exposure, pay attention to the parking environment, avoid high-temperature charging, long charging time, and charging immediately after riding.

Tip 2

Pay attention to the parking environment and wear raincoats for the bike. The atmosphere is changeable in early autumn. The electric car is suitable to be placed in a garage or a cool and ventilated place to avoid humidity and high temperature. If you need to open it, remember to cover it with a plastic sheet.

Tip 3

Try to avoid wading, dry in time after rain, slow down when riding in rainy days, and don’t brake too quickly.

Tip 4

Check the controller before charging. After riding on a rainy day, do not rush to charge the electric bike after it gets wet, and wait until it is dried before charging. Check whether the controller is in the water and need to be dried to prevent short circuit of the power supply.

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Final words

DYU electric bike is a durable, lightweight & portable travel tool that’s easy to maintain. With a little more proper maintenance, your beloved vehicle will serve you for a much longer time.

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