DYU Electric Bike Team Hold the Guilin Riding Activity

dyu smart bike riding festival guilin

Guilin is sunny in September.

The hot summer has just passed.

We seem to have an intimate contact with nature.

There’s probably nothing better than an outdoor ride.

It’s more delightful with an electric bicycle ride.

The key point is to get a stylish electric vehicle.

DYU electric bike new national standard green riding Festival

The tenth stop – Guilin

DYU electric bike new national standard green riding Festival


Tenth stop in beautiful Guilin.

DYU electric bike electric bicycle enthusiasts from all over Guilin

Gather together

Through the DYU electric bike

Become acquaintances

Not only the joy in riding

I also met with a city.

Friends are riding the same type electric bike

Policy on the ebike

Electric vehicles are not only a commuting tool.

It is also a leading fashion.

Healthy Cycling

Many riding enthusiasts say

Riding is not only a sport.

Embrace nature.

Enjoy the attitude of life.

Our DYU electric bike is really convenient.

Fold it once in the trunk of the coach.

Let’s go to the Guilin to ride event.

Let’s see what kind of beauty and romance we can encounter.

Guilin is not only beautiful but also has beautiful girls.

Of course, our DYU electric bike is also stylish.

Which is cooler, Monkey King or DYU electric bike?

You see, Monkey King has thumbs up.

I think the DYU electric bike is a little better.

You can praise here.

Let you see in the crowd an outstanding Street artifact.

DYU electric bike electric vehicle

DYU electric bike and top designers from the United States, China and other countries

Make in-depth cooperation and development of dynamic, making the bike simple, fashion, streamline and so on.

Design styles and elements for different needs

Making DYU electric bike take the lead in the high-end fashion trend.

On the way

The early autumn scenery and the DYU electric bike riding team reflect each other.

It forms a beautiful landscape.

The beauty of the DYU electric bike and the beauty of Guilin match perfectly.

Between blue sky and white cloud,

Everyone is measuring the beloved land under the foot with wheels.

I feel my love for this city.

It also contributed to the idea of green environmental protection.

DYU electric bike new national standard green riding Festival

Hundred cities riding festival tenth stations and Guilin wonderful meeting!

The DYU electric bike street cycling team took a group photo in Jingjiang Wangfu scenic spot.

Because the palace of Jingjiang is located in the central area of Guilin city.

Therefore, there is a theory of “Know Guilin by knowing the imperial city”.

This ancient building has witnessed.

The city of mountains and waters has many famous people too in history.

The DYU electric bike team is riding here.

Beautiful meaning!

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