It’s time to switch for DYU folding electric bike D2 Plus from other e-bikes

dyu smart bike d2+ e scooter

Today we are introducing our state of the art, gorgeously designed, DYU D2 plus bikes. These bikes are the bikes of the future. The smart D2 plus folding electric bikes are custom-made for your urbane travels. You can now travel on the D2 Plus, short to medium distances of up to 35 miles (60km) in one charging.

DYU D2 plus electric bike is the best medium ranged e-bike out in the market today and here are the reasons why D2 plus  is the best:

  • Fulfills your needs

DYU D2 plus electric bikes are tailor-made for providing you with a comfortable and customized travel experience at an affordable rate. With the best combination of affordability, comfort, durability and style, the D2 plus electric bike is a bike that will fulfill all your short traveling needs, economically and in style.

  • High-Quality battery

The D2 plus electric bike’s battery is a state of the art battery that gives a reliable performance over a long time. With fast charging capability and a large number of charging cycles, D2 plus’s battery takes the bike to the top of the electric bikes list available out in the market.  The durability of the D2 plus bike’s batteries makes it a seamless option for one’s travel needs.

  • Fits your budget

D2 plus bikes’ are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the affordability of the users. Thus D2 plus bike is the most economical option and offers the best “value-for-money” in the e-bike’s market. Further, the high-quality structure and battery ensures low maintenance and subsequently low maintenance costs for the users.

dyu smart bike d2+ e scooter

DYU D2 Plus is a compressive & powerful e scooter bike designed and manufactured by DYU.

  • Stylish Designs

DYU D2 e-bikes come with a stylish frame design that can be optimized in the color of your choice. The compact and stylish outlook of the bikes makes them stand out from a lot of competitor’s bikes and gives the owner a feeling of satisfaction to own a stylish bike like D2 plus.

  • Compact

The compact design of the D2 plus e-bikes is their standout feature. Most of the e-bikes in the market come with the same design as conventional bikes. The D2 plus, on the other hand, has a signature compact design that distinguishes the bike from other e-bikes in the market. The compact design of the bike makes it highly versatile and enables the user to ride the bike through urban centers like university campuses and congested streets.

Dyu smart bike in USA
Dyu smart bike in USA
  • Your Health Partner

And while designing the beautiful D2 plus, we haven’t forgotten about your health. The e-bike features the cycling paddles to charge the batteries on the go. Not like the Swagcycle, this not only keeps you “peddling” but also ensures that your trip is smooth and eventless.

Hence it should be the first choice for users, as the D2 plus e-bike is the top of the line folding electric bike that enables you to travel distances of up to 35 miles comfortably, economically and in style.

Check the DYU smart folding electric bike D2 Plus:

DYU Smart Electric Bike D2 +