DYU new factory in Europe realizes large-scale production

dyu smart bike made in europe, factory

At the end of November 2019, the first production base of DYU smart bike in Europe realized large-scale mass production in Poland, marking that DYU will deeply radiate its products to the whole European market from Poland faster and more conveniently by making full play of its unique geographical advantages. Therefore, the European customer’s purchasing and user experience are improved and optimized to a maximum degree from now on.

Why do DYU choose Poland? It is located in the center of European market, with a transport artery across Europe, an important strategic position, a gateway to Europe and an important node country of the Silk Road Economic Belt. Its position is growing day by day both in the European Union and in the international arena.
Li Wei, founder and CEO of DYU smart electric bike, said: “Taking Poland as the starting point, DYU invests in overseas factories, which is a comprehensive global strategic model. Through the strategy of “based in Poland, deeply radiate the European market”, and taking advantage of Poland’s superior geographical position, we will strive to achieve the goal of DYU reaching any corner of Europe within one week. At the same time, the vertical integration business model will also promote the industrial park industry cluster form to be more abundant, further promote the local economic development of Poland, and promote population employment. ” It is believed that the production base of DYU Poland manufacturing plant will broaden the scope and depth of the cooperation between the two countries in the electric vehicle industry, and contribute more to promoting the travel of new energy cities in the world.”
dyu smart bike made in europe, factory
DYU production base in Europe realizes large-scale production. Inspiring news to DYU fans in Poland, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, and other European countries.
According to reports, the production line was introduced from China and has now entered the stage of large-scale mass production. Aiming at unique features of the European market, DYU smart bike takes the lead in the production of classic flagship products of DYU D2+, D3+, V1 and other e scooters like that.
dyu smart bike made in europe, factory
Li Wei said before the foundation of the EU manufacturing base, DYU smart bike has already been exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, but DYU is not satisfied with this. “The real strategic concept of globalization is to break through the trade orientation of the industry, get rid of the single product export, and truly establish the production, operation and promotion base of both globalization and localization, which is the upgrading of DYU’s globalization strategy and the future road of DYU to globalization.”
dyu smart bike made in europe, factory
The large-scale mass production of the Polish production base is a milestone for the development of DYU ebike brand, and it also marks that DYU has upgraded from a single trade model to a local factory building and localized promotion business model that integrates global resources. After continuous strategic upgrade and market development, DYU will show its greater strength in the global electric bicycle market. After successfully establishing itself in the European travel market, it will eventually radiate the two-wheeled electric vehicle market to the world and make the global two-wheeled electric vehicle market a new round of revolution.
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