For safer travel during COVID-19, ride DYU S1 ebike

DYU Smart Electric Bike S1

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 quickly spreads, the entire team at DYU wishes you and those close to you safety and good health.

To prevent the contagious coronavirus, remember to keep a certain distance to each other, wash hands frequently, sleep well & wear a mask when going outside.

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Moreover, folks are also suggested to avoid taking public transport as far as possible during work or school. Bus, train, airplane or ship is not recommended for the time being due to the outbreak.

It might be best to walk or take private cars to and from work. However, walking is not realistic or feasible for long miles, and too many private cars jam the city traffic so that everybody can’t move a step.

Many experts urged people to travel by electric vehicles like e scooter, mini folding e-bike & bicycles recently. And e bike could be the most efficient & cost-effective way to cater to workers’ daily commuting needs.

DYU Smart Electric Bike S1
DYU Smart Bike S1

There used to be lots of cars parking around the office building in city CBD areas in China. And now they’re replaced by a sea of electric bicycles during the outbreak.

We believe countries like Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, France & USA will soon follow the same e biking trend. Because people’s safe traveling need during the outbreak becomes a new rigid demand that can’t be compromised.

To make your travel safe yet stylish, a new DYU S1 e scooter is rolled out in March 2020 by us. This new e-bike is the best good-looking one, while its performance is on par with the best DYU models.

As the spring comes, and the weather turns warm & pleasant, taking a ride while enjoying the refreshing morning breeze is utterly a new joy of the day. Highly recommended for city commuting riders.

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