DYU Smart Bike Has Passed the National 3C Certification as the Leading Enterprise in the Ebike Field

3C Certification dyu electric bike scooter ccc

As a new brand in China’s smart micro-electric bicycle industry, DYU smart bike always insists that quality is the life of the enterprise, strictly abides by the national industry regulations, and takes the lead in obtaining the 3C compulsory certification of the electric bicycle industry.


The new national standard has been published in China, and the electric bike industry has entered a new era of development. During this period, the industry shuffling is bound to intensify day by day. Only big brand enterprises with enough strength and high quality can survive in this wave.


In July 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the Accreditation Regulatory Commission issued the Notice on Publishing the Management Arrangement of Electric Bicycle Products from Licensing to Mandatory Product Certification, which will accept the Commission of CCC Certification of Electric Bicycle Products from August 1. From then on, the products of electric bike industry will be changed from licensed production to compulsory product certification, that is, 3C certification.

The implementation of 3C certification is another major reform of the electric vehicle industry after the release of the new national standard in May. Since then, the industry will formally bid farewell to the implementation of the product licensing system for nearly 20 years.
DYU bike obtains the certification gets the national standard approval of Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute, shows the strength and gives the market a shot of Heart-Strengthening agent. This also shows that DYU Brand not only passes through the product quality but also represents the enterprise’s great intention and forward-looking. With the national certification and the approval of dealers and consumers, DYU has completed a new milestone in the journey of the new national standard.
After passing the national 3C certification, DYU has been more strictly manufactured in accordance with the new standards, catering to the needs of consumption upgrading, and constantly improving the added value of products. In the year of the implementation of the new national standard in 2019, in the face of the new policy, DYU will make greater efforts to develop market share, never forget its initial intention and develop with full confidence.
3C Certification dyu electric bike scooter
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