DYU Smart Bike S2 will be launched soon

Dyu s2

The upgraded DYU S2 is coming soon. DYU S1 is famous for its beautiful appearance &15kg lightweight that can be lifted up by an arm easily. And DYU S2 electric bike continues the style of S1 meanwhile making it more powerful.

Dyu s2

So what are the advantages of DYU S2?

First,  DYU S2 comes with a powerful 10AH large capacity + 18650 lithium battery, it ensures a 40 km mileage.

dyu electric bike s2

Second, the high-speed brushless motor is upgraded to 350W from 250W. Going uphill becomes a piece of cake.

dyu electric bike s2

Third, easy remote key control. Use a remote key to start, stop, or lock the bike conveniently.

dyu electric bike s2

Moreover, it comes with adjustable seats for different height, built-in suspension system for comfortable riding experience, front and rear dual disc brakes for safe travel, LED headlights and brake taillights for reassuring riding at night. In conclusion, DYU S2 will be a perfect travel tool for your daily life.

DYU Smart Electric Bike S2

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