DYU Smart Bike Group is Going to Update Its E Bike APP in 2019

dyu smart bike app

After 1 year test of the APP from DYU e bike users, DYU group has gathered enough information of the user experience on the APP and is going to update its Android and IOS APP soon in 2019. Hopefully, it will be updated in May 2019.

According to the Google Play data of the DYU Android system APP, most APPs run normally when crashes happen in a small number of users. Crashes and ANRs by Android Version are getting serious and its rate going up with time passing by. Therefore, the new android APP will mainly focus on the solution of the APP crash problems.

dyu app crash

DYU App Now is Available on Google Play Store

According to DYU engineer, most APP crash problem is caused by the phone compatible issues. As we all know, the Android phone does not have a standard of software and different phone usually has different Android system, which is the main reason causing the crashes.

Some users have very old Android system while others have the latest Android system on phone. The different system makes a big problem in the compatibleness of the APP. Therefore, it’s not a big problem when you failed in starting the APP, it’s normal and don’t worry. Besides, the functions of the APP is unnecessary in most riding occasions. And DYU group is going to launch a new version APP soon dealing with the crash problems.

Android Version
1. Android 6.0
2. Android 7.0
3. Android 8.0
4. Android 7.1
5. Android 8.1
6. Android 9
Crash problems have been found in multiple Android phones like:
GE LG K4 (lv1)
Acer A3-A30 (omega)
Samsung Galaxy Note8 (greatlte)
Huawei Honor 8 (HWFRD)
Nokia Nokia 8 (NB1)
Samsung Galaxy Note9 (crownlte)
And the DYU APP team will include those phones in the compatible database in the next version of the APP.
Very sorry hearing about this, but please don’t worry, following users,
”It keeps crashing on my Samsung Note 9. Please fix the issue“ Le Fear
”does not detect my device. beug the app“ Cyril Abraham
”Unable to work – Huawei Mate 20 Pro If this app doesn’t work on my phone“ Cedric Poh
”it keeps crashing!“ Telvin Goh
”The deep blue screen (looks great BUT) can NOT (or very hard) to seen outside in bright sunlight. “ Steve
DYU promise to fix those problems soon. What’s more, not only the crash problem will be solved, the new good looking user friendly user interface will be applied.
Though DYU e bike has an excellent riding experience, our users who like the art of the ebike are the group who pursue perfectness. DYU will soon solve the problems in the next APP update.
If you have advice and suggestion on the DYU APP update in 2019,  please leave a message in our forum.

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