DYU Smart Bike Weekly News from Singapore, Qatar & India

dyu dolphin

DYU smart bike Singapore operation center designed a brand new key ring mascot this week.

This small gadget figures as a dolphin riding on the DYU scooter.  It writes DYU.com.sg and PassionGadgets on it, which is the name of F-wheel & DYU’s agent in Singapore.

DYU team is also creating the virtual cartoon representative now. Please leave a message below to collaborate with DYU team on the cartoon figure of DYU scooter.

Another piece of news from the Middle east.

Two Qatar teenager rides the DYU electric bike through the narrow street at a 25 km/h speed last week. Qatar is the country with the highest per capita GDP in the world today.

Qatar DYU Operation Center has been established so far. And people will see more and more DYU smart bikes in the Qatar streets in the near future. Meanwhile, more and more mid-east country agents will join hands with DYU, and DYU smart bike will soon show in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran, Egypt, Jordan & Lebanon.


Indian Customer Visit F-wheel &DYU

Indian Customer Visit F-wheel &DYU

Indian customer visits F-wheel and takes photos with the saleswomen of F-wheel Rosy.


DYU D3 Electric Bike

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