DYU smart bike V1 with most comfortable seat, double suspension and best alarm system

DYU Smart Electric Bike V1

What’s new in DYU smart bike V1 compared to other ebike/escooter series of DYU?


First, DYU smart bike V1 comes with the most comfortable seat in the world.

dyu v1 bike seat

The seat is smooth, round and soft without any shape edges compared to the traditional e scooter seat. Besides, the surface of the seat is larger than other e bikes or e scooters. It’s an upgraded and fully optimized e scooter seat. “The designing concept of V1 aims at optimal rider comfort,” The DYU V1 designer said, “I rode V1 for 1 hour and my hips felt no numbness at all. But when I ride other e scooters for 15 minutes, my hips feel like sitting on a sharp stick.”


Second, DYU smart bike V1 comes with a double suspension bump reducing system.

Here is the front suspension:

DYU Smart Electric Bike V1

And here is the rear suspension:

DYU Smart Electric Bike V1

These two shock reducing suspensions with the soft seat makes your trip pleasant on any road conditions. Small potholes and the uneven road becomes a piece of cake to DYU V1.

You might feel a bit of uncomfortable on other ebikes or e scooters, but you’ll never feel any of it on DYU V1. After all, the V1 designing concept puts comfort first according to the designer.


Third, DYU smart bike V1 comes with an advanced e-bike alarm system.

dyu v1 bike locking

You can use your app to lock up your little cute bike easily. With the buzzing real-time alarm reminding, no longer need to worry about losing your love vehicle. One alarm for locking and two alarms for unlocking.

Besides the APP, every DYU V1 is equipped with a delicate BMW-car-key-like remote-control gadget. It can control your bike lock and unlock, bike start and bike alarm in 50 meters to your ebike just like the APP. It’s convenient when your mobile phone is lost or runs out of power.



We only picked out the 3 most outstanding improvements of DYU V1, which riders care most.

Observing from the product appearance and real user experience, DYU V1 e bike has a lot more shining features like sturdy scooter body, long-endurance, disk brakes, foldable design, powerful motor, and small size, etc.

Though those points are important and DYU V1 does well in all of them, the brilliant rays of optimal comfort brought by DYU V1 scooter outshine the merits of the above aspects all.

In a word, DYU V1 is the only limousine among all e-bikes. (Click here to view DYU V1 parameters)

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