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In plenty of reports of electric bikes from famous marketing research companies like Decision Resources Group, Lieberman Research Worldwide and ICF and so on,  China is the most efficient and experience e bike manufacturing kingdom. Over two-thirds ebikes in the world are produced in China and over 1418 million e bikes are manufactured every year. Therefore, most trading companies are importing E bike in China.

E bike in China

Retail sales of electric bicycles in China from 2010 to 2020 (in million units)

Retail sales of electric bicycles in China from 2010 to 2020 (in million units) from statista.com


In the following list, you’ll see the top 10 trade companies that are importing the ebikes in China. Some are OEM and the others are sold directly to the customers all over the world.

1.  Gearbest

Gearbest is a company detailing all kinds of best quality Chinese products. All of their products are selected carefully to ensure the customers’ best user experience. Since they are in China, they are familiar with the best factories in China and the best manufacturers in the electric bike field. Compared dozens of ebikes in China, they choose electric bikes like DYU.

e bike in china

2.  Ebay

Many resellers of electric bikes import bikes from China and sell it on E-commerce site. Ebay is an international company committed to diversity & inclusion across their workforce, workplace and marketplace. DYU smart bike is shown there.

3.  Amazon

This trading company is famous for its fast international shipping service called FBA, which makes the customer able to get the product in only 1 day in many places in the world like LLondon New York, Paris and so on. To you can get the best electric bike from China hassle free. Website

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4.  Alibaba

Alibaba is a company sell Chinese products to all over the world. Most sellers are in B2B business. Chinese electric bikes are featured products there. Though there are many trading companies and agencies, it’s still not a bad site to get the electric bike in China.

5. Falconpev

Falconpev is a traveling tool company in Singapore specialized portable & lightweight electric bikes.It provides all kinds of high-quality electric scooters to customers in Singapore. It has a close relations ship with Chinese electric bike company. Website

6.  Tomtop

Tomtop has a partnership with many Chinese factories. It is located in China so it knows Chinese supply chain well. Most of its product is researched and well selected by the company purchasing department.  Tomtop is an e-commerce company in China like Gearbest. It also has the same advantage like Gearbest. Website

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7. Qoo10

Many Chinese bike are cost-effective and has many advantages light fashionable, stylish, portable and lightweight compared to the electric bikes from other countries.  Qoo10 is a Singapore company formed with eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace. The official qoo10 sites have many electric bikes from China.   Website

8. Everbuying

Everbuying is a leading global online wholesale retail company operating in the international wholesale market specializing in electronics and contemporary fashion.

e bike in china


Global source is a B2B company like Alibaba. All its best products are from China and it holds fairs every year to attract foreigners. Many electric bike factories has a showcase page on that site.  Website


Warehousesg specializes in electronic scooters, including servicing and maintaining them. Recently, the electric bike is getting hot all over Singapore, a great number of Chinese electric bike manufacturers have to work day and night to fullfill the bulk orders.


It’s not powerful proof to see the reports from the top market research companies, but you can catch someone on the street who rides the electric bike on the road and ask him or her where his or her ebike is from to figure it out. Or you can search it online, when you found so many ebikes shops online and find most of them are made in China, then you’ll truly believe the top 10 trade companies are importing ebike in China, especially from F-wheel – DYU.  To know more about the best electric bike manufacturers in China, please check this post:

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