E Bike/E Scooter Industry Striking Weekly News – March 2019 – DYU Smart Bike


Wing Bikes is selling an e-bike that costs less than a New York Metrocard

Wing Bikes
A New York Metrocard costs $1,452 per year, when you buy a Wing bike at around $1,000, you save some money and free you from the crowded commuting hours with oceans of people in the train. However, it would scare the Wing bike when they know an electric bike in China cost only $ 500, the electric bike manufacturer in China is DYU, it sells DYU bikes and e scooters at a wholesale price around $ 500 or less for bulk orders. It would be a nightmare to Wing Bikes. Click here to view the champion DYU bike.

Yamaha hits the dirt with Wabash e-bike

As we all know Yamaha is a motorcycle company, its e bike is plain and not professional. The company’s latest release is the Wabash Adventure Gravel e-bike, which has the look of last year’s Urban Rush e-bike, that we first clocked at Interbike in 2017, but with some important tweaks for tackling hard surfaces or loose dirt. Observing from the appearance, there is nothing new with this e bike. The DYU scooter outrace this e bike in creative way undoubtedly.

Beam Scooter Plans To Avoid The Disastrous Fate Of Bike-Sharing In M’sia

The e scooter sharing company Beam works together with communities and raise fund, cut down costs and optimized the APP to avoid the fate of death like oBike and ofo. As for cutting down the cost and make some news for the e scooter sharing program, the Beam has a need to collaborate with the e scooter or e bike company DYU. This Chinese electric bike mainly has 3 models of scooters like DYU D1, DYU D2 & DYU D3, which has the same or even better riding experience than the current e scooter provided by the supplier of Beam.

E-scooters, hoverboards – the tech transforming travel -BBC

_106091505_birdscooterBBC reported that electric scooters and other new modes of transport could be allowed on Britain’s roads under a wide-ranging review. People say that there is a huge untapped demand for people to get around without a car. Technology companies have been pushing for the vehicles to be allowed in the UK, arguing they will cut traffic and pollution thought the plead for that were always turned down. Regulations in Scotland & Whales are different . It says that the bike’s maximum power must not exceed 250 watts and its electric motor should not propel the bike when it is travelling at more than 15.5mph. DYU Smart Bike meets this requirement and its sales are growing.

DYU Smart Bike is Launching a New Model Called DYU D2+

The R&D department of DYU developed a new e bike called D2+ in March 21, 2019. This new e bike has been improved significantly according to the feedback from thousands of solid DYU bike users. This e bike has a smaller 12” wheel size compared to DYU D3 14” wheel size, better lights, better app, refined frame angle & height adjustable seat specially redesigned for the tall Europeans. However, it keeps its stylish streamline dolphin shape look of the previous model. With the comprehensive improvement, DYU D2+ becomes the king of DYU bike series. Worth buying for most city commuting people. And it will be in bulk production in June, please leave a message for pre-order.

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