Why Electric Bicycles Are More Popular than Motorcycles?

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Why are electric bicycles more popular than motorcycles? The following reasons cannot be neglected. You may know it just after reading this article
It is an undeniable trend that electric bikes and motorcycles are transforming into electric vehicles. This is mainly because in recent years, electric bicycles have developed so fast, much faster than automobiles and motorcycles, and motorcycles like Yamaha are banned, so this has accelerated the development trend of electric bicycles. Especially in the plains of China, electric bicycles are more popular than motorcycles. And the standard electric bikes do not need to be licensed, which makes electric bikes even more popular. However, in addition to the above points, what causes electric cars more popular than motorcycles?cruiser-harley-davison-low-rider-crop-800x800

First, motorcycles belong to the restricted vehicles in many cities.

If you want to ride a motorcycle, then the motorcycle itself also needs a certificate. It’s troublesome to get licensed. As a driver, you also need a driver’s license, which brings a great sense of constraint to users. Electric bicycles are not so restrictive. Although there are some places where police catch electric bike riders, the management of ebike is still much looser compared to motorcycles.

Second,  in the plain area or on flat ground, the requirement for the power of the electric bicycle is not very high when traveling normally.

That is to say, the power of the electric bicycle is enough already, and in many families, the people traveling by the electric bicycle are basically some old people and ladies. If you change these electric bicycles into motorcycles it will have some negative impact on safety. And the motorcycle is not as easy to ride as an electric bike. Meanwhile, the ebike needn’t go to a gas station to refuel. The electric bike can be charged at home, which is much more convenient.
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But electric bikes are also restricted. The roads in some areas of some countries are not so good. Maybe the terrain is steep. For example, in Chongqing, a mountain city in China, the power of electric vehicles may not be enough. At this time, motorcycles are needed, and electric vehicles simply cannot be popular.

Last but not least, electric bikes and motorcycles are basically home use vehicles, so what is the most basic for home use vehicles? It’s convenience.

Nowadays,  it’s a piece of cake that the electric bikes travel for tens of kilometers during the day, that is not a matter of concern of range. Though the mileage of dozens of kilometers is not high, it is enough for daily travel. After the day travel, charging at night will be good.


Above reasons are why electric bikes are more popular than motorcycles, that’s also why ebikes like DYU smart bike are popular both in Europe and America. Do you have anything else to say about the ebike? Welcome to leave us a message below.

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