Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions on Ebike Safe Charging

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Overcharging the ebike may cause an serious explosion or fire. Especially in summer, when the weather is hot, the ebike over charging caused fire accidents occur frequently and has never stopped in recent years.

ebike safe charging

Ebike charging fire accident

Since ebike like DYU smart bike has become one of the most common means of transportation in our daily life, we should always keep an eye on the safety hazards of electric vehicles charging for our life and property. So how to correctly charge electric vehicles?

Most ebike owners don’t know it well when they buy the ebike first time. Therefore, the author will introduce the five most common problems during the ebike charging in this article. And everyone will be able to charge the ebike correctly after reading.

1. When is the best time for ebike charging?

It depends on the battery power usage. Usually, it’s best to charge the ebike when there is still 20%-30% remaining power. However, that’s not a must to charge when there is 20%-30% power left.

In actual use, you can charge when the remaining power is less than 50% according to your needs.

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2. How long should I charge?

Charge the ebike until the battery is full. If the charging time is too short or too long, the battery life will be shortened. Moreover, in more serious cases, it may even cause a safety accident.

The saying “charge for 8 hours” that we often hear about means it takes about 8 hours to be fully charged when the battery is completely dead.

3. Can I charge immediately after riding?

You shouldn’t charge immediately after riding. Because the battery temperature will gradually increase during riding, and charging immediately after riding will not only damage the battery, but also cause spontaneous combustion in severer cases.

Under normal circumstances, wait at least 10 minutes after riding until the battery becomes cool before charging. In summer, the ambient temperature is high and the waiting time is expected to be longer.

Maintenance of the DYU Electric Bike in Summer

4. Do I need to charge regularly for the longtime ebike idling?

The damage of the longtime deficient power storage to the battery is magnificent. The longer the storage is, the more serious the damage to the battery.

When not using for a long time, and store the battery full charging in a cool, ventilated room. In summer, the temperature is high, the battery self-discharge effect is easy, and the power consumption is fast. It is best to charge the battery once every 2 months, while in other seasons you can charge the battery once every 2-3 months.

DYU smart bike tip: DYU D1 Deluxe Model owners, due to the built-in GPS 24 hours in use locating service, please be sure to charge the smart bike D1 Deluxe Model once a month to avoid serious battery damage caused by the loss of power for longtime no using.

Live a Stylish Life with DYU Smart Bike – The Best Chinese Electric Bike

5. Is there a temperature requirement when charging?

In general, the optimum ambient temperature for charging an ebike is 25 ° C, but in most cases, the ambient temperature does not meet this condition. In real life, it is best to charge in a dry, ventilated, sunshine screened environment.

Avoid to park the ebike in a closed space such as a corridor or small room, and do not occupy or block the evacuation passage and the building exit for safety reasons.

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