Electric Mini Smart Bike, A New Choice For Commuting

folding mini bike

There is always still a short and annoying distance after taking a bus or a train which is annoying. Electric unicycle and self balancing two wheel scooter aka hoverboard are the ways to solve the problem. Now a choice for you is invented for you. Transportation Is No Longer A Headache with F-wheel Mini Portable Electric Bike. F-wheel mini electric assist bicycle saves the troubles of waiting for buses or crowd into metros. Neither do they need to find any parking lots and pay for the parking fees. This portable bike solves the problem of city people now.


Wheel: 12 inch  Weight: 15kg

Milage:40 km Speed: 25km/h
Battery installation: 1 second installation
Folding: Front and rear wheel fold to left and right seperately in 3 second
Max load: 150 kg

Brake: Electric brake and physical brake


1.  App monitors the bike status and location.

2. Bike status is displayed on the handle bar.

3. Can be put in car trunk
4. Simple appearance, future feel
5. Dismountable battery can be replaced when in low power.

6.seconds folding. It can be dragged like lugagge box after fold

1. Only one passenger permitted.
2. Lower mileage.

People can consider having one this bike if it’s necessary.

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