A self-balancing Electric Unicycle is a gyroscope-controlled single-wheel electric transport vehicle that consists of a wheel with one platform on either side, an electric engine, a battery pack and some housing.
You drive it standing up and while the front/back balance and stability is looked after by some gyroscopes, the left/right balance has to be maintained by the user.


There are a number of names emerging and none of them is really simple and short. “Self-balancing Electric Unicycle” is the full name and this could be seen as the formally correct title. But an abbreviation based on the Chinese name for these single-wheel vehicles, which is 电动  独轮车 is becoming the norm. It translates directly to Electric Unicycle (电动=electric 独轮车=unicycle).
Abbreviations are sometimes EU or EUC
Other names we have seen are “Electric single-wheel scooter”, enthusiasts call it simply the “wheel”, British resellers seem to love the completely non-descript term “Unit”, and then there’s the umbrella term PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) that also includes Electric Unicycles and many more vehicles.


For the purpose of this site, there has to be a line drawn somewhere, so we will only discuss devices with single-wheels (and in some cases tandem wheels), where the driver stands on platforms that are left and right of the wheel.
If a vehicle is pedal driven (i.e. mechanical unicycle), or if the feet are between the wheels (similar to Segway) or if the user stands sideways to the movement, more like on a skateboard then they are not what this site has as its focus.


The principle of forward movement and braking is the same as for the Segway. By leaning slightly forward you speed up by leaning back you slow down and come to a halt.
The Segway however has two wheels so that you only have to do the steering with your hands.
The Electric Unicycle required you to look after the left /right balance like on a bicycle.


Because this vehicle has just been invented and been on market for not more than five years. This is a new item to people. Many young people who are enthusiast to try new things start to use it.


Currently electric unicycles cost between EUR 500 and EUR 1500 (including transport and taxes and duties) depending on the manufacturer and on the technical spec. However it is expected that these prices might come down a bit when more people buy them, and on the other hand that there will be some more expensive models as well for the lovers of “Ferraris”.


This depends on many factors and we would start with the most important one
1) Budget
once your budget is decided, then we would look at your preferences for
2) Speed
3) Range/Reach
4) Application (Commuting/Leisure/Work/Acrobatics etc)
5) Your body weight
6) Availability of local reseller
7) Nice-to-Have Features
In the near future, we will add some additional guidelines and hints and tips here. Until then, feel free to contact us via the CONTACT US page and we will then help you as much as possible to identify a suitable electric unicycle for you.


Most electric unicycles are made in China and that’s where you have the widest choice. However, many of the manufacturers are not really set-up to sell small quantities or to individuals AND having to look after the customs/import yourself is only something real enthusiasts want to do. Doing the import yourself means you will have to pay import tax/customs duty and VAT/Sales tax on top of relatively high transport charges and you have to deal with customs, possibly collect the parcel at the nearest customs depot and you might not get any warranty from the manufacturer either.
This is purely for enthusiasts. Most end users who would prefer a low risk and low hassle purchase of an electric unicycle do therefore need an importer or local re-seller that does the import, looks after the transport and also provides you with some advise and – importantly – with either a warranty or at least with some help if your electric unicycle develops a fault.
The downside of this service is that it comes at a price, so if you compare prices for unicycles in China with prices in your country of residence, you might be shocked about the difference, but when you consider all the cost your retailer has to look after you might understand better.
We have bought unicycles from Amazon, have self-imported from China and considered buying from a European reseller and for 90% of the people we recommend either Amazon or the local reseller.
We will add some more information here in the near future, but in the meantime you can contact us via the Contact Us page if you need further help!


You wonder if there are maybe two or three or even four manufacturers out there?
What if we tell you that there are well over 50 brands already in the market, all competing for a piece of the market that is expected to be massive? Are you surprised?
Here are are some of the electric unicycle brands (in no particular order):
F-wheel, Rockwheel, Ninebot, Solowheel, Firewheel, Airwheel, Gotway, Bings, IPS, Legway, MonoRover, UERA, EYU, Walker, Leadway, Sologear, Mobbo, Mocyl, TG, Wangquan, Esway, King Song, Crosswheel, Betterwheels, GTS, Monowheel, Suokuwheel, Wind Rider, Pinwheel, Wingoo, Freego, Superwheel, Tomoloo, Speedway, Freeman, MyWay, Toptrip, Crosswheel, Robstep, Milbay, etc.
Some brands are only known and available in China at the moment, but most of the above appear on Ebay, Amazon or at least on the Chinese e-commerce sites (e.g. F-wheel, Alibaba, Banggood, AliExpress, etc). It is not always easy, though, to identify if a different name means that Electric Unicycle is manufactured by a different manufacturer or if it is just the label from a different reseller: There are a number of white-label brands, where manufacturers sell the unicycles directly to independent resellers/importers and they then put their stickers on….just to confuse us.
F-wheel have advantages over other manufactures so it will focus on manufacturers, not just on “labels”. That means that the different electric unicycles that we discuss and explain are not just white-labelled, but are from genuine manufacturers.


We would compare riding an electric unicycle with the challenge of riding a bicycle. It is not at all difficult once you know it, but it would be foolish to expect that you can just step on an electric unicycle and you will be perfect.
There is some learning required and it does take most people a little bit of time, but it is definitely worth it!


You can practise on an empty parking lot, a public square, on a playing pitch, in your backyard, in a side street etc. Wherever there is a flat area you can practise yourself. Initially it is helpful if there is a wall or railing nearby, but soon you won’t need that anymore. Just make sure that wherever you go, you don’t interfere with other traffic or users of the space AND that using your electric unicycle is legal in your chosen spot.
If you want to learn using an electric unicycle with the assistance of a teacher, check with your local electric unicycle shop or see if there are other users nearby that could point you in the right direction, meanwhile we provide the one wheel scooter teach video.
If you are based in Dublin (Ireland) – or want us to travel to you – , you can contact us via the CONTACT form and we will be able to discuss your requirements. Over time, we will add more training facilities and teachers in other countries and cities as well.


Because Electric Unicycles are still so new, the legal framework hasn’t caught up in most countries. As a consequence they are often in a grey and yet to be defined area.
In some countries they are accepted as a personal transport vehicle similar to an E-Bike, in other countries they are seen as Mechanically Propelled Vehicle and therefore are closer to Mopeds/small Motorbikes.
If you are not sure, only use them on private ground. If you are allowed to use them on public streets or on footpaths or in bicycle lanes make sure that you respect the other users of the public area.
Because of their small footprint, moderate speed and low energy usage, we think that they should be treated like bicycles, or maybe E-Bikes.
Over the coming weeks, we will add here further details on a country by country basis as much as we can get hold of it.


Electric Unicycles haven’t appeared on the radar of law makers in most countries so we don’t know of any laws that have been written with them in mind.
However, where the interpretation is that they are an engine driven means of transport, it is possible that registration, insurance, tax and also a license for using an electric unicycle are required.
Please check your local laws for further details.
We are of the opinion that they should be treated like bicycles, possibly electric bicycles. The speed is very comparable to bicycles, the footprint is even smaller than for a bike and they use the same amount and type of energy as E-Bikes.


Nearly all Electric Unicycles are water-proof in the context of normal use, so you can use them in any weather. And because you don’t need your hands, you could even hold your umbrella if you wish.
However, we don’t recommend using them in snow and ice or in otherwise slippery conditions.


Without a doubt, walking, running or cycling will use more energy and will keep you fitter, but – to some – they are less fun. So don’t look at electric unicycles as fitness machines.
But there are people who use a bus or train or even a car to go to work or to meet friends even if the distance is not too far. That’s where electric unicycles come in. They are a means of transport and they are also a lot of fun to use.
There even are some moderate health benefits of electric unicycles. Using one helps with your balance and you also train the lower leg muscles. In addition, the fun and challenge are “feel-good-benefits” which are also good for your health.
If your questions are not answered here, just send it to us using the Contact Form and we will reply to you promptly.