F wheel Dolphin One or Ninebot One E+, Which is Better?

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F-wheel Dolphin One defeats most electric unicycles in market. This time, let’s have a comparsion between Dolphin one and Ninebot One E, a unicycle produce by another  factory in China. After this technique analysis, you’ll find out why it came to this conclusion.


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Many people may havn’t heard about the ninebot one, so what is Ninebot One E+ ? It is a state-of-the-art one-wheel personal transportation product . It combines style and design with comfort and practicality.  This one wheel scooter is no wonder one of the best scooter in the world, though it still have a long way to be more user friendly.

I was able to idle without issues before today.  Now, even a mild change in direction results in a horrible jerk and beep as seen in the video, despite 70% charge.  It threw me off and scraped my shin when it flipped up and hit my leg.  Anyone seen this behavior before?  I did a calibration and nothing changed.  I tried putting the somatosensory on 2 and 8 with no difference.  Charging to 100% now to see if that does anything….  :cry2:

A ninebot user, Rick Said. However, when you choose F-wheel dolphine one, you’ll never meet this meaningless problem, it’s a pity losing the fun of repairing a dolphin one unicycle.

Compared to ninebot, F-wheel has following obvious advantages.

F wheel Dolphin one is the next-generation in short-distance personal transportation. It’s sleek and stylish, yet also lightweight with great speed and range. It takes personal electric transportation to the next level as it appeals to riders looking to try new things and have fun. F wheel have been manufacturing this one wheel scooter for years, and it has been upgraded several times. It took out useless functions and enhanced the most useful parts in the electric unicycle, making it extremely simple but powerful and user-friendly to the riders. For example, F wheel have take the lamp away and improved the speed of the unicycle,  enhanced its smooth appearce while maintence its long and safe battery life.

electric unicycle airwheel ninebot immotion

Observing from the appearance, Dolphine one unicycle defeat the ninebot. You can see great battery pack of the ninebot protruding out like a moutain between two legs, it destroyed the beauty of the industrial and aesthetic design.  Unlike ninebot, F-wheel designer considered a smooth appearance from its users. This smooth round appearance with soft lither pad made it incriedibly comfortable to riders.  So, dolphin like dolphin one wins.

Then,  the speed, dolphin one reaches up the speed of 30 km/h, when ninebot is 25km/h. Dolphin one wins still.

Now, it came to the weight. To making it powerful while maintain a elegant appearance, dolphin one’s weight it still the same as ninebot as 14 kg. This round ties.

And the color, F-wheel has two color, white and black white ninebot has only black. F-wheel wins again.

Last, the milage / range, F-wheel is 45km per charge. Ninebot is 35km. F-wheel wins.

Conclusion:  F-wheel dolphin one is better than Ninebot one.

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