Eligible Electric Bike Manufacturers and Suppliers Should Have 8 Features

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E-bike industry is leaping over the times, meanwhile, more and more new ebike enterprises are showing up quickly without eligible qualities. To save the time of wholesalers and agents who are looking for a reliable factory, the author summarized 8 features that the reliable manufacturer should have. Read before you make the decision.

1. Independent R & D strength.

Independent R & D strength strands for the core strategic status and soft power in the industry competition. The best-selling product can be only from the cutting-edge company with innovative R & D ability and acute market sensitivity. Factories like DYU ,Cyklon, holds hundreds of patents on hand and its strong researching power enable it to launch new models every year. When you meet such an enterprise, it’s time to collaborate with them.


2. Adequate quality

Certificate never lies. E bicycle manufactures with CE, ROHS, CCC or other in-industry certificates alike will be self-proven in a professional capacity. What’s more, the product-testing video is regarded as convincing for its unparalleled traits of visualization and instruction.

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3. Customer-oriented service

Sales department try to serve you as bettere as possible in case you are unhappy. And sales act professional and responsive to your questions. Especially, you can ask the questions and solve the problem by online chatting. You tell you problem and they come out with a solution in few minutes.

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4. Existence of workshop

It’s necessary to visit the factory to make sure the manufacturer produce the e bicycle itself. And a visit to workshop is undoubtedly an effective way to approach your supplier, it would be great if your forthcoming visiting-requirement is expected.

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5. Authentic credibility

Genuine and believable customer testimonials speak well for the company’s credibility. You are recommended to search the related customer reviews as well and the negative ones are helpful to get to know the suppliers better, including their reaction towards such incidents.

6. Trust-worthy website

The website should contain the latest news of the company so that you can see the current move of the company. On-line impression and data offer immediate knowledge of suppliers, information like their backdrop, company history, related testimonials and so forth are within your reach on their website. Searching on Google for pertinent clues is also highly recommended.

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7. Vast comparison

A good factory or manufacturer fears nothing about comparison cause their ebikes are the best online. This works well for almost every purchase. For a choice buy, you have to do your math on any occasion. What and how to compare is your focus.

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8. After-sales service

For the commonly-seen breakdowns, essential solutions such as spare accessories or parts can be provided by experienced manufactures. For other unpredictable breakdowns, engineers show a proactive striving to shore up the after-sale problems.

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Above 8 features are the basics before starting a collaboration with the ebike manufacturer, check before to make your wholesale business smoother. After checking above 8 points, do your suppliers have all above features? How do you think about what feature should a reliable manufacturer have?