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Have you ever thought about how many time you spending on daily moving around the city? From the time management point of view, this is one of the most important things, because spending the time to driving and moving takes a lot and saving time here gives the ability to spend this time with family, friends or work.



Switching to electric motors is the part of the technological progress of humans. In regard to the Electric Bike Worldwide Report, there are more than 200 million e-bikes ridden today. Predicted that the industry is poised to grow to 2 billion by 2050. This is huge figures it couldn’t reach so big without being really helpful for people.


So, this is 3 reasons of what benefits you could get using electro bike:

  1. Time-saving. Yes, as I’ve mentioned ahead – this is one of the more important things for each and every city citizen. In average, people walk near 5 km daily and spends for this near 1 hour. Let’s have a look on one newest Dyu Smart Bike D2and what we can get with it in terms of time. Self-speed adjusting reaching 30 km/h, that 6 times faster than walking. So with e-bike you can reach your daily distains just in 15 minutes, not 1 hour.
  2. Low-cost moving. You don’t need any gas station anymore, at all. Just put your e-bike’s charger in the outlet for 2-3 hours and that’s it – your bike will be fully charged. Of course, it depends on each bike you’ll choose and their battery, but you can be sure, this thing will be the same habitual as the phone daily charging.
  3. 100% eco. I would put this item in the first because contribution in saving our nature and planet the mission №1 for each of us.


As an example, I’d have a close look at e-bike that I’ve mentioned ahead. Dyu Smart Bike D1 seems like a first bike with which I can really imagine my usual workday (of course I don’t know each representative in this market). Pretty good ergonomics, only 12kg weight and 1-meter length, looks like very handy. Developers say that their bike can ride from 20 to 40 km just for 1 charging (it depends on 2 modifications – Standard and Deluxe). Charging time is 2 and 6 hours respectively.


There are a lot of other e-bike’s benefits (you may find them in the infographic below), but the only thing I want to say – electro bike will make you more effective, fast and innovate.



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A Spain DYU e bike fan shares his short stunt video with F-wheel team this week. The whole team cheers for his amazing performance with this cute bike!

buy electric bike,Electro Bike


F-wheel American Indian Old Friend / Agent Raj Revisits F-wheel Office.

india american visit f wheel raj

Raj has been friend with F-wheel for over 3 years and keeps long-term collaboration with F-wheel company. F-wheel CEO, Li Wei says, “Raj is a humorous and wise man. It’s happy and honored talking with Raj always.”

india american visit f wheel raj


The Handsome and Cool Hungary Young Man Visits F-wheel

This cool guy makes the girls in F-wheel company crazy and everyone wishes to take a photo with him. No wonder he is happy.

“It feels good in F-wheel.” F-wheel’s friend from Vienna, Hungary says.


The CEOs from 17 Countries Visit F-wheel and Attend the F-wheel Official Speech.

Top Japanese international company groups its CEOs in 17 countries together in F-wheel company and listens to the speech of the F-wheel CEO in the 3W coffee hall.

These Bosses from all over the world like the F-wheel products and the conception of the speech. The leader, Benbu sends the traditional Japanese gift to the F-wheel CEO. It’s a great meeting for communication and a prelude for a deep collaboration.

japanse traditional gift

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