F-wheel CEO Talked with the Minister of National Science & Technology Department

Dolphin One Series Product Launch

(Reported by Sina,Netease,Leifeng Net and Zhongguan Village Online and so on including 50 large social medias in China)The leader and repsent of electric unicycle industry F-wheel CEO Liwei reported the development condition and future prospect of the electric unicycle industry to Xiefuzhan, the Henan provincial governor and Cao Jianlin, the minister of national science and technology department in the morning of 20th May.This two tycoons visited and intructed the electric unicycle industry leader enterprise F wheel, making the F-wheel team extremly excited and inspired. What’s more, this action of the two national leaders inspired the whole Electric unicycle industry under the background of Mass Enterprise Establishing and Innovation.


(left: Xie Fuzhan governor Middle:Cao Jianlin minister Right: the flywheel will CEO Li wei)

More than three years of development, make electric unicycle fire at home

Powered unicycle is composed of electric drive walking gear, a self balancing capacity is a segway two-wheel balancing car bought by Chinese companies (now) evolved from products, development of 3 years or so, however, because of its characteristics of cool and unprecedented portability, make its development at a staggering rate of explosive products are rare.Earlier in China, have formed the mature production supply chain.China electric unicycle factory occupies about 95% global market share, China is the most mature market in electric unicycle, no one, said electric unicycle is Chinese, a little too much.

2012 li wei from baidu’s departure, a project focused on the development of the intelligent hardware, entrepreneurial city of shenzhen to the hardware, with Mr Zhang Huisha friends began the study of one-wheel balanced car, Mr Zhang Huisha has 8 years of experience in robots and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry, the application of inverted pendulum system, the principle of balance of the car) with in-depth insights and research, for the flywheel will quickly launch one-wheel balanced car laid a foundation.At the time, the flywheel will r&d team is the world’s one of the earliest development of one-wheel balanced car team, the first product launch market since 2013, because of its focus and professionalism, gradually become the world unicycle market one of the main brands.Just a few years, the flywheel will witness and lead the development of the electric unicycle, there are a lot of practical technology is also refresh the height of the industry, 14 years to launch by the end of the Dolphin, Dolphin one series electric unicycle, pick up the phone APP intelligent interaction, update the firmware version of cloud, initially formed the mobile Internet + balanced car strategic layout.By the end of 2014, the flywheel will at home has more than 200 sales outlets, the municipal exports more than 50 countries, the global output of nearly 100000 unicycle, production output value reached 200 million yuan.Two or three years of a start-up company, developing so fast, the popularity of electric unicycle.

Ministry of science and technology minister cao visited the country high and new science and technology business model The prospect of electric unicycle

Long before half month, flywheel will brand operations center of zhengzhou’s friend is notified, ministry of science and technology leadership and governors to experience their products and to listen to the flywheel will startup story, according to li wei, and his friends all feel unusually excited, national leadership to come for the flywheel will.Cao secretary in charge of high and new technology, have a keen eye on innovative products and industry.During A visit to the scene, cao secretary and governor of xie heard the flywheel will entrepreneurial stories, watch the cycling of the product, when asked about the planning of enterprise future li wei company positioning innovation portable traffic, is A round of funding, the end of this year or early next year will enter the new three board, fully embrace into the capital market, the rapid development of car industry.Minister cao and thank the governor is given the corresponding guidelines, said first balanced car and related industry is a new industry, the development potential is big, bright future, as a representative of the industry, to lead in the first specification production standard, take the lead in establishing the industry standard, integration of upstream and downstream, the development of industry alliance, make balance of the car manufacturing technology in China, leading the world.

Powered unicycle market environment after the chaos is light

Li wei said that the emergence and popularity of electric unicycle, is not accidental, is inevitable.Development of human civilization for thousands of years, the invention and application of the wheel for transport to accelerate the process of the civilized construction, along with various means of transportation, we finally realized the highly developed modern civilization.Although the people’s standard of living increased, but the selectivity of city travel resource is more and more shortage, a portable and fashionable walking tools is the city in recent years the urgent demands of travel, then powered unicycle in such circumstances came into being.The emergence of electric unicycle is solved some problems existing in reality, such as subway station and the scope of home within 5 kilometers distance, urban traffic jam, serious environment pollution is aggravating, the other cars also need a complementary transport with them.Is the power of the development of human beings is dealing with problems in life, so the electric unicycle is a product of a short time will not disappear, because it is convenient for people to travel, travel to the city to choose a reliable way.While current electric unicycle, technology and safety is not very mature, but with the constant innovation of technology, electric unicycle revolutionary change the products will be, for example, you can learn how to use A minute, will be reduced to 5 kg weight, technological innovation will don’t have to worry about its security problems, standby power supply system to make it not out of balance, intelligent risk early warning, the final will be like A doraemon has artificial intelligence, can accompany you 24 hours, on-call and so on.This is not science, tan, this is the development of science and technology, the application of self balancing technology will be more artificial intelligence, mobile robot.

In today’s market economy, almost all of the mature market products go through five stages, promoting stage, first broke out, chaos downturn phase, second phase and stationary phase.With the deepening of the market, electric unicycle has had the first explosion stage, it is because the product for the first time, so has attracted a large number of copycat products, mostly is the assembly manual small mill products, with the male mold shell and then pour a little master control board, there is no research and development of core technology, production, poor quality mercenary.In August 2014, after entering a market chaos phase, this phase will continue to the end of 2015.According to industry statistics, the electric unicycle products are sold on the market at present 80% less known and inferior brand is mill, branded products, these products affect the user experience, disrupt the normal order of the market.But this is normal situation, the Internet has also experienced a cold winter, rushing to Internet entrepreneurs have closed down, really stick has become a major Internet giant today, but it’s raining.Same powered unicycle this market also need standard specification, brand operation, finally left is responsible for the user a few brands, in the li wei recommendations call for responsible brands and supporting manufacturers set up trade unions.Li wei, said he believes the existence of this principle, 80% of the market in the future the market will hold in hand today 20% of the brand, electric unicycle market to explode into the second stage, the big brands and its rich fruit dealers will enjoy the stick, the last stage in a relatively stable development is rapid.



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