F wheel & Cheongsam Conference Bring High Class People New Commuting Method


On January 15, 2017 , Cheongsam Cuture Conference and its sponsor, F-wheel co-organized the second Chinese cheongsam culture ceremony in Zhengzhou Jianguo Hotel. In this event, F-wheel and the cheongsam community will reach the industrial chain alliance, joining the cheongsam global city branch of the product supply chain for middle-class and above families providing short-distance travel solutions.

fwheel cheongsam
F wheel & Cheongsam Community build the industrial chain together

The second Chinese cultural ceremony was held in 10 cities, including Zhengzhou, San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taiyuan, Lanzhou, Dalian, Hefei, the future in the ten cities at home and abroad. These cities will take the lead in establishing a cultural center with cheongsam to cover the smart travel industry chain platform, F wheel as the industry chain only intelligent travel technology company joined them, and they look forward to provide the middle-class high net worth groups with more comfortable and convenient short-distance travel tools.

Cheongsam Community Conference

F wheel  CEO Li Wei personally attended and participated in the establishment of the industrial chain and the signing ceremony, and said F wheel help a variety of groups to create a new era using their travel tools in the industrial chain that will also actively promote F wheel intelligent travel in various cities to travel with eco-culture in the future .

Cheongsam members are mostly from the middle class family, they also belong to the community of high net worth groups, F-wheel try to create a variety of smart travel products in a certain degree of fit this part of the group, and in the future F-wheel will provide more suitable tools for this part of the high net worth of consumer groups by upgrade the intelligent new travel products to meet the needs of more people.

F wheel is on the road of intelligent short-distance travel. And they have been struggling to move forward, they want to bring people more excellent travel tools, wishing to move on with their dream sparing no effort.

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