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An economical electric bike that you can’t resist.

Spring is approaching and soon after, summer will come, seasons in which nature awakens giving us the bright colors of flowers and the intense scents of the earth. What better opportunity to stay outdoors and enjoy the most beautiful the world has to offer us and if we do it on an electric bike like the one proposed by F-Wheel, the fun will not be missed. So at a time when we often hear about ecological vehicles we present our personal full review of the F-Wheel DYU D1, sent from the F-wheel and DYU store, unbeatable in prices and variety of products in the catalog.

In the video unboxing shot a while ago I showed you the content of the sales package about our ecological vehicle, giving you also proof of how easy it is to mount the DYU D1 allowing an immediate use of the same, but briefly you list again the content that naturally consists of our electric bike, rear fender that will be mounted through the supplied Allen wrench, battery charger with European outlet and output of 42 V – 1.5 A, which has a small LED on the front that is colored light red when we are loading our product and green light when the charge is complete. We also find a small user manual in English that lists some features of the product and advice on correct use. A negative note that I have to do however is related to the absence of communication about the Bluetooth password to block the electric bike. In any case, the standard password is 123456 which will be used to set the block and / or proceed with the change of the password with a personalized one.


Our DYU D1 electric bike has a very elegant appearance, thanks to the use of aluminum alloy that makes up the entire chassis of our vehicle. The first advantage is given by the very compact dimensions of 1020 x 940 x 505 mm (1020 x 720 x 200 mm when the bike is folded on itself) and a weight of only 12 kg that allow extreme portability, raise the bike with ease for example if we have to make some stairs or to load it in our car without any problem thanks to the big bow-shaped handle really ergonomic for a firm and comfortable grip with one hand.

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It is possible to always carry the DYU D1 with you and keep it in the boot of your car ready for use, as our smart bike can be folded on itself simply by acting on the lever that is on the neck of the front tube that allows one quick and safe release of the whole handlebar which will be folded to take up less space. The release lever is made of plastic but I have not seen any weaknesses because the material used is of good workmanship, strength and consistency even if a pinch of attention does not hurt. Remaining on the chassis another feature that makes gain points to our DYU D1 is the presence of the IP54 certification thus allowing the use of the electric bike even in the rain without being afraid that the engine and the electrical components are affected.

Our eco-friendly vehicle is equipped with two 12-inch wheels that adapt to various types of terrain such as sandstone, ramps, bumps, rough terrain, cobblestones, etc. On first use the wheels will be inflated even if there is no clear indication of pressure correct to apply but then which bike provides you with this data? Although apparently the wheels are very small they can support a weight of up to 120 kg without any particular problems even on not particularly linear terrains and even if no suspension is present, the DYU D1 does not return any negative feedback during the race, thanks perhaps even the big saddle, slightly cushioned and well padded, on which resting one’s backside is really relaxing.

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On the left rear wheel pin is also anchored the small trestle covered with a semi-rigid plastic sheath, which allows you to park and stabilize your vehicle without it falling. Be careful, however, to remind you to remove it from the start as the very small dimensions of the tripod as well as the color that is camouflaged with the entire structure could lead you to forget it. Both on the front wheel and on the rear one there is a mudguard which should protect from possible splashes deriving from crossing puddles or small pebbles on the road.

The DYU D1 electric bike is available in two colors, white and black, the latter in our test which, in my opinion, gives a sporty character to our vehicle perfectly matching the contrasts in red color placed on the wheels and the engine container that it also houses white lettering on the sides.

Frontally we find an LED light that can be operated manually through the application or you can set it automatically so that the first darkness turns on by itself. The beam is well uniform and the parabola does not disturb any bystanders or motorists who cross our path. Also behind there is a red LED tail light to indicate the STOP when you brake or the position when the headlight is activated.

On the front wheel you do not need to make special considerations while the rear one can be said to be enriched by a disc brake that makes sure that the braking is activated by the only lever on the left side of the handlebar. The reaction time of the brake is quite fast and safe and I did not have to make any adjustments whatsoever, but this operation is possible by acting on the terminal above the metal disc. However, for greater safety there is also an enhanced model with double disc brake and oversized battery.

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The handlebar can be adjusted slightly as an angle and houses the on / off button and a small buzzer next to the left knob, which reminds the old Piaggio Hi or Si motors. On the right we find the throttle grip and a small display LED blue color that shows us the state of charge of our bike. Below the display we find a further small green button used for the Cruise Control function, which allows once activated to proceed at a constant speed without having to act on the accelerator. For deactivation, you can push it again or simply operate the brake lever.

The strong plate gives us the brushless motor with power of 250W 36V able to face slopes up to 15 degrees, but above all to push our DYU D1 up to 30 Km / h. On this point we have to make two clarifications: the first is related to the fact that the speed of 30 km / h can be activated by app only after traveling 10 km because the initial maximum speed preset is 20 km / h. The second clarification is that of course the speed is conditioned by several factors, among which the main ones are the weight of the person driving the vehicle and the type of terrain in which we find ourselves. In fact, the company declares that these values can be obtained with a maximum weight of 60 kg and on uneven ground and imbalances as small damage on the asphalt, in short we are in Italy and so it is almost a miracle to find a road or bike path with these characteristics. Seriously I managed to get this speed only downhill considering my weight “shape” of about 100 kg.

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Naturally the weight, the cruising speed and the ground conditions will also influence the battery life which according to the manufacturer in typical conditions guarantees a variable duration from 15 to 21 Km.

A battery that feeds the entire circuit and which has a capacity from 4400 mAh, which is recharged in just over 2 hours (to be exact 2 hours and 18 minutes).

In my tests of use with my weight of about 100 kg with average travel speed of about 15 km / h on land not properly smooth, with the presence of tiled and with gradients I managed to get a maximum of 10 km. The situation changes radically if you try to use it for example is my 11 year old daughter with a weight of at least 2/3 lower than mine, which managed to bring the DYU D1 bike to maximum performance. To recharge, simply insert the plug of the power cable into the entrance hole located in the lower part of the hull and protected by a double silicone cap.

The battery life would not be a big problem if you do not have to pay special attention to the effective autonomy that you will get from DYU D1 because once finished unfortunately you will have no choice but to push the vehicle by hand. Yeah, my friends, this is the sore point of this product that sins in the lack of pedals and gears, (PS: This pain point is solved by DYU D2) replaced by two strong foot rests made of shiny black metal with aluminum inserts in silver color.

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This entails the further problem linked to the unclear and confusing legislation in force in our country, which effectively makes this electric vehicle “illegal” in road use, cycle paths etc .. A real shame because this aspect limits a lot the fun that DYU D1 can give us, but fortunately the company has also thought of a variant defined as DYU D2 that integrates pedals, chain and other to align with our legislation. Find the link in our offer boxes that you find when reading the article or clicking here.

The DYU has a waterpoof rating of IP54, which means it is okay to take it out in the rain. Be careful if you do, however, as the 12in tyres can become a little slippy when wet, although in general they can handle most terrains.

Finally we need to analyze the smart aspect of our e-bike, which interfaces with the DYU application available for both iOS and Android systems, with the difference that Apple users can download it directly from the store while Android users will have to download it from the site company official. The application for DYU D1 is essential, perhaps too much in some respects, but it is in English and therefore understandable by anyone and offers all the features that we could expect on such a product. I state that the company still has to improve its app, in fact I often found sudden crashes due to some sort of conflict with Bluetooth. In fact if you try to start the application having already activated the Bluetooth of your smartphone almost certainly you will meet the blocking of the app, so you have to make sure before connecting to turn off the Bluetooth on your smartphone and activate it on application request.

Once started you will find a screen with a blue background with a sort of button to plug on to begin the search for your electric bike. Once identified, you will have information on the level of residual charge and temperature, which in principle must never become red, if it does it means that we should temporarily stop to avoid damage due to excessive overheating of the cells.

Above the button we have a sort of arrow and tapping on it we will access information about the current distance traveled, the total kilometers of all our travels and the time of activity of the bike referred to the activity in progress. Both from this screen and from the main screen if we are running we will have the speed with which we are proceeding. By clicking instead on the symbol of the lock we could lock our bike: the lock will act on the engine and therefore the DYU D1 can not be put into motion until we enter the password.

The F-wheel DYU Electric Bike is a lot of fun to use, and more so once you become comfortable with its tiny design.

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From the main screen at the bottom there are two buttons: the first gear will allow us to access the settings of DYU D1 through which we could set the maximum speed (minimum 5 Km / h max 30 Km / h), decide whether to start the simply by turning the throttle grip or by a small push, rename the Bluetooth, change the Bluetooth password, choose to activate or deactivate the Cruise Control, decide whether to operate the headlamp illumination automatically or manually.

The voice related to the Power Assisted Gears on the model D1 does not work as indicated by the app itself, but continuing we have the basic information of the bike as the ID and finally a sort of self-diagnosis called Self Checking can determine any malfunctions about brake, battery etc .. The other icon on the main screen, in the form of a compass will allow us to record our trip on the map and then be consulted with the relevant data supplied.

 We’d prefer to be able to see how fast we’re going without resorting to the mobile app, and to be able to adjust the seat’s height, but it’s difficult to find any major fault with the DYU given its relatively low price.

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