F-wheel Dyu Smart Folding & Portable E bike with the King’s Riding Experience

the kings experence electric folding bike dyu

This magic F-wheel Dyu Smart Folding & Portable E bike is going to give your the King’s Riding Experience.

King and queen are always noble and elegant and better than other people in our imagination. What makes Dyu different and noble from traditional bikes is because it’s easier to ride Dyu and it is featured by three ride modes and powerful motor. You can enjoy the riding pleasure whether in human-power-assisted mode or electricity-assisted mode. In man-powered mode, you can ride Dyu electric assist urban bike to build up body like dynamic cycling in professional gym. 250W powerful hub brushless motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking device to the wheels, offers more powerful and stable strength than brands like Whoosh Gallego, LifeCycle, On Bike, Airwheel, A2B Kuo+, Benelli Foldcity, KTM Macina,Coyote Connect, Raleigh Stow E Way and so on. It’s climbing power and speed and range is the strongest. The king has strongest horse, you have the strongest e bike. Great minds think alike.

the kings experence electric folding bike dyu

riding like a true king

Wise kings stays humble but full of intelligence, they do not short for attention but focus on their people’s happiness and better future. Dyu, as the very first kind of E-series wise electrical folding bike, brings brand-new design concept as well as riding experience to individuals. It is also the initial e bike from F-wheel. It maintain the great reputation of F-wheel, this factory makes it absolutely sure extra comfy and safestest riding experience. People saw plenty of articles like 10 Best Electric Folding Bikes or The Best Road Bikes of 2016 or something else like this, however, when those articles miss or ignore F-wheel Dyu e bike, they are totally a failure.
The king always persues best or luxury things. If a consumer plans to buy a type of electric bike, however, he would be disappointed with the existing versions or he is worried about the personal safety or he disapproval riding scooter with standing-posture for a long period of time. After that, Dyu, as the first kind of F-wheel electric folding bike series, will fix all those troubles. Slim H shaped stylish and sexy body like dolphin, quick fold system as well as small folding dimension are talked about way too much.  Like the kings often have least resistance to beautiful women, customers also can’t resist the most beautiful shaped smart e bike like Dyu.

e bike

Dyu e bike

What will you get with Dyu e bike ? A healthy body, a comfortable saddle like throne and light-hearted short trip to warm home.

Great people are always busy while they wish to exercise their body. Now Dyu is here to be the loyal service of you.   Riding on Dyu, you can put some strength on it lightly and sweat a little with the assistance of the electricity, reaching up to 30 km per hour effectively not wasting time going home. Two birds with one stone. No one is wiser than you. The king take new policy to prosper the country, you use the new method to go faster while becoming stronger than others.

Meanwhile, Dyu e bike supplies a comfortable saddle and also addresses balance control capacity under the resting state. Great deals consumers feel worn down after a veteran riding with standing pose. More importantly, left-right layout encumber aluminum alloy foldable structure and also PU frothing Unibody makes riding convenience rise by 40%, compared with the conventional saddles. The brand-new sitting-posture riding mode makes certain more comfy and also much safer riding than any other self balancing segway scooters.

e bike

F-wheel Dyu smart folding & portable electric bike

Safe as well as trustworthy digital brake system

Besides innovative saddle of F-wheel Dyu smart folding & portable electric bike, electronic brake system is an additional shining point. When a cyclist presses the button of electronic brake system, the folding electric bike makes a quick as well as strong brake within 0.5 2nd. Meanwhile, the stopping distance is no more than 50mm. That is to claim, the security of biker can be protected to the furthest. The enhancement of safety and security lowers down the acquisition limit of the huge number of consumers. The customer base of Dyu will certainly be enlarged in the near future.

e bike

fastest and easiest folding procedure design

F-wheel as a company concentrating on product designing and manufacturing who is not good at marketing, they are waiting for resellers and distributors from all over the world.

By the way, this folding bike has no unpratical and useless apps like ESB or Airwheel R5, making it extremely simple and easy to handle while being powerful. No one wish to play with an app while enjoy the soft and comfortable riding breeze and beautiful scenery touching us.

Electric folding bike from F-wheel is easy to handle and convenient compared to other bikes for city commuting. Is F-wheel Dyu smart folding & portable electric bike the most effective and wise option? You’ll have the positive answer once you ride on it. The king also says, “It’s great!”

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19th February, 2017

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