F-wheel electric unicycle got the prize of the best responsibility brand

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In 2014, the committee of China Charity Festival( the fourth session) informed , according to the spirit of bravely take responsibility and contribute to society, the activity “helping students’ dreams come true, providing the warm clothes” of Zhengzhou F-wheel Industrial Co., LTD that let it got” the prize  ”the best responsibility brand  in 2014”.

The China Charity Festival acts as one of the most influence activity in China Charity Field, its target is building the high level and diversified communication platform, expand modern charity spirit, initiate charity action.


F-wheel sending gifts to poor rural elementary school students

F-wheel is a international self-balancing electric unicycle famous brand, it was used the self-researching, international self-balancing high technology, lithium battery drive system, environmentally friendly that is the best city transportation tool. It also can be used for the commercial performance,fitness,entertainment etc.

The subject of this session charity festival is” influence China through charity”, it did comprehensive evaluation for the participant enterprise, according to the role model, the persistence, the creation, the comfort five factors etc. F-wheel organized an national wide activity: buying one unicycle, giving one cotton-padded coat,spending one warm winter”, it mainly provide a warm winter for poor and left-behind children, taught the scientific and cultural knowledge. F-wheel acts as the leader of the self-balancing electric unicycle field, it acts by himself to prove an enterprise should take responsibility for society and appeal to the all enterprise participant for the charity.

Fulfill the mission by love, assume the moral by responsibility. F-wheel will continue working on the charity, meanwhile, strive for researching higher performance environmentally friendly, saving energy, low carbon self-balancing electric unicycle.

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