F-wheel electric unicycle got the prize of the best vehicle journey partner

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The annual big car voting activity was hold by Dong Fang Jin Newspaper: the F-wheel self-balancing electric unicycle got the prize of the best vehicle journey partner in 2014.

The parking lot is far from office, home in the modern city nowadays. If you do self-driving travel, and the parking lot is far from destination or doesn’t have the good transportation tool, F-wheel self-balancing electric unicycle solve well this problem. It provide drivers the better method for link up with parking lot and destination.

F-wheel self-balancing electric unicycle was used the self-researching, international self-balancing high technology, lithium battery drive system, environmentally friendly that is the best city transportation tool. It also can be used for the commercial performance,fitness,entertainment etc.

The annual big car voting activity of Dong Fang Jin Newspaper was one of the most famous and influence voting activity in China, its target is providing the good supplier and product for the buyers. F-wheel continues developing and creating, would like produce perfect product and help the buyers, finally it got the prize of the best vehicle voyage partner in 2014. F-wheel self-balancing electric unicycle is based on the high technology and good performance that provide many riders high riding experience and convenient enjoyment. Nowadays everyone do environmentally friendly activity, F-wheel self-balancing electric unicycle must attract lots of people because it’s saving energy, environmentally friendly traveling tool.

Feeling the environmentally friendly technology, join in the perfect journey, F-wheel will continue developing and creating the intelligent transportation tool, provide people more convenience and happiness.


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