F-wheel Electric Unicycle R3 for Adept Riders to Showcase Fancy Tricks

F-wheel Electric Single Wheel R3 for Adept Riders to Showcase Fancy Tricks

qqtupian20141118114336The spokesperson of the company maintains that F-wheel R3 is famous for its agile features and skillful riders are obsessed by its agility, design excellence and the great performance. Many riders love to present their fancy tricks in the streets and squares for a thrilling experience. Some of the common tricks include moving in circles, standing upside down/ sitting on the scooter while rolling on it, bypassing obstacles and many others. One can gradually gain the confidence and expertise to perform a variety of exciting acts, without any fear.

The R3 self-balancing single wheel is appreciated by people for its compact and space-saving design which adds to its portability. The implementation of the leading core technology makes it an ideal transportation alternative for the modern population. Fitted with powerful and large-capacity battery core, the single wheel can be used for traveling significant distances after a single charge. Moreover, the battery operated single wheels consume less energy and are also remarkable for their low emission rate. This is the reason why F-wheel single wheels are considered the low-carbon and environment friendly mode of transportation for the modern population.

F-wheel Highlighted at Bike Trade Show 2015 Gdansk

Abstract: From April 11 to 12, the world renowned electric single wheel brand F-wheel brought its full range of self-balancing electric single wheels/scooters to display at the Bike Trade Show 2015 held in Gdansk, Poland.

The world renowned self-balancing electric single wheel brand F-wheel was highlighted at the Bike Trade Show 2015 held in Gdansk Poland from April 11 to 12. The F-wheel Technology brought to customers its latest products ranging three series, namely the single-wheeler X series, the dual-wheeler Q series, and the two-wheeled scooter S series.
F-wheel Highlighted Bike Trade Show 2015 Gdansk
Riding electric single wheels is becoming a trend worldwide and is considered a green commute style in the face of deteriorating environment. A self-balancing electric single wheel adopts the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Riders can control all these movements with ease. This expertise can be had within a couple of days. It is a nice ride that helps in keeping the world greener. According to F-wheel staff, “If you stay close to your place of work, it makes sense to use our self-balancing scooter or monocycle. It is a much healthier alternative to other motor vehicles. The ease with which it can be balanced and maneuvered is a feature which all our customers talk about. There are many features in the products using which you can control your speed, tilt as required and take turns without any issues. Know more about the company and its ideals at our website mentioned below.”
F-wheel Highlighted Bike Trade Show 2015 Gdansk
The new flagship model is the F-wheel S3, which is a classical two-wheeled scooter weighing only 22.4kg. The S3 is a fully functional model featured with a 4-inch LED panel, streamlined HMI design, light and solid magnesium alloy frame, dual precaution systems and built-in Bluetooth. Once step on this intelligent scooter, one can get the hang of it and enjoy its convenience almost instantly just by leaning the body forward or backward. The F-wheel S3 is definitely a cool and green attention-getter. At the exhibition, visitors are free to experience all F-wheel products.
F-wheel Highlighted Bike Trade Show 2015 Gdansk
It was not the first time that the F-wheel appeared in such exhibitions. As an intelligent personal gadget, the F-wheel is a combination of personal transport and recreation device that is both environmental-friendly and energy-efficient. The F-wheel as a leading brand in global intelligent electric scooter market, has always been committed to providing customers with the top-quality and cutting-edge self-balancing products. Presently, the flourishing F-wheel is blazing a path to a bigger international market. If you are a gadget geek or interested in green transport, you can’t miss the chance to try the F-wheel for yourself.

F-wheel Electric single wheel R3 for Adept Riders to Showcase Fancy Tricks

Abstract: For skillful and veteran riders, F-wheel Technology Company brings a new agile electric single wheel model, the F-wheel R3. This self-balancing single wheel will allow riders to showcase a variety of fancy tricks in the streets and squares.

According to the company reports, F-wheel electric single wheel R3 is becoming very popular among the young generation for its agility and allowing people to perform a variety of exciting acts on this single-wheeled vehicle. However, this electric single wheel is often recommended to the skillful rider who can achieve a superior body balance to ride it safely and joyfully.

F-wheel pays a great attention to the design basics of its single wheels and self-balancing scooters. The R3 electric scooter comes with a built-in balancing chip system with gyroscope and aviation attitude control techniques that allow riders to gain superior control while moving forward or performing any act. The aviation aluminum pedal can fit every feet size to facilitate easy and comfortable riding on any terrain.
The F-wheel R3 model has a lot of astounding features to be termed as a futuristic personal transportation alternative for the young generation. To learn more about its features, one may visit the website

Trying My F-wheel R5

The F-wheel R5 is a gyro-based self-balancing electric monocycle, which has a better maneuverability. However, beginners are not suggested to try on uneven terrains such as lawns and cobbled roads before being mastering the wheel.
Nowadays, cars become a headache for many cities. The numerous cars on the road not only cause traffic congestions but the exhaust also pollutes the environment. For urban citizens, breathing fresh F nearly becomes a luxury. Consequently, more and more people choose to ditch cars when commuting to work. So do I.
Trying My F-wheel R5
A friend of mine suggested to me this F-wheel R5 which is a hot sale and is said to be used as an alternative to cars or bikes by many people. Another fact that I chose this R5 is that it’s electric powered and is environmental friendly with zero emissions. I’m always fond of such green products.
Before learning to ride, I’d introduce a bit about the working principle it’s based on. A self-balancing electric single wheel adopts the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward.
Trying My F-wheel R5
The F-wheel R5 is 497mm high, 450mm wide, and 168mm thin. Weighing only 11.1kg in total, it has a 16-inch extra-large whel hub and powered by a 170wh lithium battery. Generally, the R5 shares many characters with its sibling models. However, it has its own features: the wheel hub is larger than ordinary 14-inch ones, and the chassis is thinner. There are different casing styles for you to choose, matt black, matt white and carbon fiber. I bought a white one, as the white looks elegant for me.
Next I’ll show you more details. There’s a handle on top of the chassis, which you can pick up with when you go into subway or take a flight of stFs. On the side of the handle, there’s a string of battery life lights, a charging hub and a power switch. The unit comes with a charger, an extended nuzzle, a balancing strap, two training wheels and a manual. Barely flipped through the manual, I couldn’t wait to try the device. When I turned on the power button, I found the battery was already charged so I started to learn how to ride it immediately after inflating the tyre. It seemed a bit hard to balance on the wheel, but fortunately I didn’t find it as difficult to learn as I had imagined it. It only took me about 15 minutes to get the hang of it. I used the walls to assist me at first to get on the wheel. If I was losing my balance I just stepped off and let it fall sideways. The wheel stopped spinning in a few seconds. After seven or eight attempts, I successfully get the wheel rolling. I think the important part is that once you’ve got on the wheel, you must gain the speed as soon as possible by leaning your body forward. If you don’t get the momentum in time, you’ll lose your balance easily and fall. It took a while for me to get really comfortable with the riding. After 30 minutes I could hop on, start going, stop and hop off confidently. Pretty tired after that. Some muscle ache the next day.

F-WHEEL Self-balancing Electric Unicycle, which was a Sino-German joint venture corporation founded in 2012 in Germany. It is a high-tech company that operates on product manufacturing, researching and development, as well as sales and marketing activities. F-WHEEL is on a mission to realize intelligent green travel industry and boost the improvement of human transportation situation. F-WHEEL dedicates to researching and developing the intelligent self-balancing electric unicycle, owning a large quantity of patents. F-WHEEL has founded three researches operation base before its foundation. In high-tech city (Shenzhen) it has also founded R&D and production base. Meanwhile,(Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co.,Ltd), as a subsidiary of F-wheel, has invested a large part of money in building the top workshop, expanding and developing the R &D team. In international city (HongKong), this trading company (Counterbalance Technology (HK) Co., Ltd) operates international trading business at the same time.

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