F-wheel Electric Unicycle, Your Best Leisure Time Companion

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What do you do when you are free? Dare you challenge F-wheel electric unicycle? While trying to handling it and riding it fast, you will enjoy endless fun !

Nowadays, people pay more attention to their physical constitution and taking exercise regularly is good to health. Meanwhile, more and more people don’t want to be limited in gym, and thus selecting a type of convenient and useful exercise equipment is very important. Maybe, bicycle comes to people’s mind first, but it is restricted by space. F-wheel dolphin D5 electric unicycle is highly praised as the best exercise equipment. You will find a lot of fun when trying to handle this cute little vehicle at the same time.
Electric scooters are a great way to zip around comfortably, but are not all that portable. An electric unicycle like the F-wheel Dolphin trades in two wheels for one but comes with a steep learning curve.

The F-wheel dolphin electric unicycle is an elegant mode of transport, but one which is also devilishly difficult to master.

Like a Segway, it accelerates and brakes by using gyroscopes and sensors to detect a user leaning forwards and backwards. But unlike a Segway, it has only one wheel, and no handle.

To ride it, users have to stand on fold-out foot pedals on either side of the machine, and manoeuvre by shifting their body weight in the direction they want to head towards.


Below is a part of experience from our loyal user.

“I own an electric scooter, so I foolishly thought that learning to ride the F-wheel cannot be too difficult.

But after hours attempting to ride it in a straight line, the result was always the same: a wobble from side- to-side, flailing arms, and then a crash which sends the poor F-wheel skittering across the floor and beeping in distress.

It is also one of the best-looking electric unicycles out there. While the F-wheel dolphin electric unicycle can be accessorised with different coloured shells, my review model was a basic white, with a beautiful ring of colour-changing LEDs circling the wheel cover.

Take note though, that unless you are an experienced rider, the F-wheel’s pleasing looks will probably take a beating soon after you buy it. The review unit arrived at my office battered and scratched, evidence of previous testers’ learning journeys. After spending a few weeks with it, I am sure I added many more dents and scrapes to that count.

Again, I am sure a more competent rider would not have such trouble. While learning, I could really feel the F-wheel’s gyroscopic stabiliser trying to keep me upright.

Riding it is a little like riding a bicycle, in the sense that it is a lot harder to ride it very slowly than it is to do it fast. But the fact that the F-wheel has just a single wheel, and no handle or discernible brakes, makes it difficult to pick up enough speed to keep it upright.

So, be prepared to crash – at least at first. After you do, the F-wheel will begin to beep loudly, as it cannot detect the floor.

If you lift it off the floor from an upright position, it will also begin to beep and its wheel will spin uncontrollably quickly, which is strange for something that is touted as a “safety mechanism”.

At the end of the day, though, although I found it impossible to ride, there are numerous videos of people riding electric unicycles around easily and even doing tricks on them. If I were one of them, I would buy the F-wheel Electric unicycle in a heartbeat.

But I am not, and so for now,

I will stick to a F-wheel electric scooter.”

With the rapid development of the society and substantial growth of population, traffic congestion has currently become a prevalent phenomenon in a lot of big cities. Faced with this problem, the urban residents are eager to have an extraordinary transport that can serve as a good companion in their daily life. And here it is – F wheel electric scooter. It have the most fashionable design and look, satisfying your deep need in being cool and making friends! It would be great to teach the friend you like riding this kind of scooter  🙂


With the continuous efforts of F-wheel Technology, the intelligent self-balancing scooter is reaching more and more countries in the world and more and more people will benefit from riding the F wheel! We believe that we will see more and more F wheel intelligent scooters appear in huge public places.

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