F-wheel Formally Entered the World of Famous Watch Origin Country Switzerland

F-wheel Formally Entered the World of Famous Watch Origin Country Switzerland

Swiss national general agency signed with F-wheel
F-wheel will officially start to set his foot on Switzerland in Europe, Mr. Michael signs a cooperation agreement with F-wheel to be the Swiss national product agent. Since then Swiss friends become able to enjoy the green intelligent convenient travel tool. F-wheel now has added a base again but in a new country Switzerland among the developed countries in Europe.


Switzerland is a highly developed country whose per capita economy has been ranked among the top of the world. It is the third highest per capita income country in the world, and rank fourth in Europe in 2010. Switzerland is one of the most stable economies in the world. Its policy of long-term, the safety of the financial system and bank secrecy system make Switzerland a tax free safe havens for investors. Switzerland is one of the world’s richest countries, per capita income ranks highest in the world.


F-wheel attracts more and more international friends to become his partners with his excellent products, excellent quality assurance and innovative technology .F-wheel’s cooperation of overseas channel in Asia, Europe, America, Australia now have been settled and we believe F-wheel will blossom everywhere in the near future in these places.

As a group of enthusiasts who have ideal pursuit to F-wheel electric unicycle product series,it will bring more valuable good green travel tools to create a true national reliable brand for domestic and overseas people.

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