F wheel Intelligent Electric Scooter Kylin is Creating a Dashing Lifestyle

F wheel Intelligent Electric Scooter Kylin is Creating a Dashing Lifestyle

Abstract: Are you fond of getting around? F wheel intelligent unicycle Kylin comes. F wheel intelligent unicycle Kylin is a new type of transport, as small and exquisite.

In the hustle and bustle of the city, we have to keep moving. A quick transport assumes a great importance. Do you go through this moment when you do your utmost to getting into the bus the driver shakes his head with smiles at you, hinting you are not allowed to get in? F wheel Kylin will save you from this moment and you will no longer wait for a long time with nothing to do.


F-wheel and beauty

F wheel electric scooter Kylin is designed especially for modern dwellers as a personal transport. Kylin takes on the board the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system, bringing you a thrilling experience of whizzing about with ease. Standing on the pedals, the rider will advance by merely leaning forth or fall back by leaning back. If you need to stop, stand upright. The ride follows the same pattern of keeping balance as the bicycle. Because of its light weight of 10 kg, it is more convenient and freer.

Apart from that, it is fitted with a lithium battery core. The battery can be recharge fully for 90 min and holds a top speed of 18 km/h. On the condition of carrying 60 kg, it can climb the slope of up to 32%. This goes to say that its thrust is sufficiently powerful. In respect of thrust, it is reliable. The same is true of its safety. The speeding limit and the low battery protection will assure you of safety to the utmost of its power.

When the environment is deteriorating, the public begin to call for protect ecology and health. Under the circumstance, the intelligent unicycle comes into being. F wheel Kylin is the ultimate among those scooters. If you are strongly environment-conscious and fed up with the ceaseless waiting caused by traffic jam, Kylin is your must-have. Kylin will free you from polluted air and congested traffic. You can have your cake and eat it. Are you eager to get hold of it?

The advent of F wheel intelligent Kylin marked the new culture and tendency formed, whose theme centered on ecology and health. No matter who you are, F wheel Kylin is the optimal choice. It will make you go far and everywhere.

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F wheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter to Appear in Germany Car Free Morning

Abstract: Car-Free Morning will take place in Germany. F wheel intelligent self-balancing scooters are due to appear amongst activities.

On 3 May, an event, called Car-Free Morning introduced by Germany Municipal Council, is expected to take place from 6 am to noon in Germany. The event is in line with the government’s Go Green initiative. It has been proposed that the event be held on the first Sunday morning of each month.


F wheel intelligent electric unicycle Kylin is creating a dashing lifestyle.

The theme of Car-Free Morning will be centred on Green & Eco-friendly. As such, F wheel intelligent self-balancing scooters are due to appear amongst activities. The local high-ranking officials including the mayor are also set to attend the event. During the event, eRoda, as one of invited guests and a Malaysian F wheel distributor, will offer a set of F wheel electric unicycle Kylin as a prize of lottery draw. On that day, two sets of F wheel intelligent self-balancing scooter Dolphin are to appear in the event for public try.

F wheel is established as a renowned scooter-maker across the globe and famed for its green scooters. F wheel’s core notion of products features ease of use, user-friendly design and eco-friendly technology in particular, which is literally consistent with the theme advocated in Car-Free Morning.

These days, the growingly tremendous problem of city pollution escalates people’s concerns about the environment around us. In city, the formidable amount of exhaust from the car engine forces us to have to think out solutions. The local govt. encourages the carpooling and the public transportation. However, it works out with limited success for multiple reasons. Hence, a green personal transporter takes on its magnitude. F wheel Dolphin squarely meets these demands.

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This sort of electric-powered scooter is equipped with a lithium battery core beneath its standing board. The lithium battery is in the main characterised by no emission in process of operation. So Dolphin is also favoured by environmentalists. Dolphin had been ubiquitous in a great number of fields, for instance factory warehouses, sports meeting and trade fairs. There may be some people understandably worrying about its capacity of power. In fact, the lithium battery mounted on Dolphin is such potent as to cover 40km and mix out at 16kmh. Such potent performance surely reassures the riders of a hassle-free journey.

If you are eager to a thrilling experience, do not miss out on the Car-Free Morning on 4 May.
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