F-wheel Intelligent Scooters Are Very Very MEAN

For years’ development, F-wheel has presented F-wheel fans with many wonderful products. F-wheel intelligent self-balancing scooters have won the market share and reputation at the same time. Indeed, the popularity of F-wheel intelligent scooters comes from F-wheel’s being “mean” to its product.
F-wheel D3 one-wheel electric unicycle high quality
F-wheel is very “mean” to price its products. It’s very amazing when F-wheel presented F-wheel D3 electric unicycles with such a low price which is affordable to the public because then intelligent self-balancing scooters were once thought to be the luxury toys for the rich. F-wheel was very “mean” when it priced the products because it adhered to the principles that the future of a brand are closely related to the reputation given by the consumers, so it developed the products and services of highest price-performance ratio. F-wheel D3 has low price but strong performances because of the top-quality vehicle units like noise-free maglev motor and the most advanced intelligent CPU. And the built-in intelligent operating system packages aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. The resin shell outside the vehicle body has been developed into fashionable and cool shapes and styles. Riders on F-wheel electric one wheel will become the fashion icons on the road.
F-wheel is “mean” to itself, but it will be always working hard to offer people the best services and products.

Lists of differences between F-wheel electric scooter and other models

F-wheel, as a famous brand of scooter, has been pushing out new intelligent scooters for hosts of scooter-lovers. Recently, it released another new type of scooter—the one-wheeled self-balancing scooters D5. How does D5 differ from other models?
Difference in functional purpose
The previous models, for example D3, D5 and R3, are either the single-wheeled scooter or the twin-wheeled scooter. Mastering the two model will take some time. Plus their excellent agility, they mainly serve the end of entertainment, rather the functional purpose. In works, it is understandable that no one is willing to use R3 or R5 as a transport of paddock. Two wheel basic is the opposite, the one-wheeled structure facilitates its balancing whilst traveling and therefore strengthens its ease of use. Any one only need to master it by standing on it. He will learn to steer in on time. This meets the demand in works as a transport. That is why Two wheel basic are ubiquitous in works or golf paddock instead of other single- or twin-wheeled electric scooter.
Difference in range
One type of scooter depends heavily on the range. The long range means it will be much of assistance to a long strip. Two wheel basic is larger than other models in size. Hence, there is more room for D5 to mount a larger and more powerful battery than other models. Two wheel basic is equipped with a more powerful Sony lithium-ion battery core, which offers a longer range of up to 30 km. And it has a top speed of 18 km/h on a full charge. The speed and range meets the demand of office commuting. That is to say that Two wheel basic is more functional than others.
F-wheel electric unicycle
Difference in design
On the scale of design, F-wheel two wheel basic differs a great deal from others. D5 adopts the sleek and contoured design frame. F-wheel pays a maniac attention to details, which is evidenced by the handlebars of F-wheel two wheel basic. F-wheel two wheel basic is outfitted with the threaded handlebars, which enables riders to get hold of it easily and comfortably. F-wheel two wheel basic represents the ultimate in the design of F-wheel to date.
These differences between the two types of F-wheel self balancing scooters will inspire the next models in the near future.

What Is Necessary to the Twenties, Slowing Down or Speeding Up? Answers Come from the F-wheel Electric Scooters

In workdays, young citizens should speed up. The precious time in workdays shouldn’t be wasted in the endless carlines. F-wheel D3 electric unicycle are the most portable yet strong electric self-balancing scooters, which enable riders to avoid the traffic jam and the huge crowd in the metro. The convenience of controlling D3 comes from the inside and outside vehicle units. The Sony lithium battery cores and efficient and powerful motor make it possible for riders to cover 100 km with only 1kWh. The intelligent CPU inside powers the sophisticated operating systems, which makes F-wheel D3 easy to control and provides riders with comprehensive protections.
F-wheel best D5 one-wheel electric unicycle for sale
In weekends, it’s a great pleasure to go field outing with friends. F-wheel D5 one-wheel electric scooters are the high-end vehicles designed for middle-distance travel. F-wheel D5 has the strongest performances in adaptability, power and speed. For field outings, riders could take the goods they need in the bag of F-wheel D5 because the top burden capacity of F-wheel D5 is 25 kg. The long range of F-wheel D5 also satisfies riders’ needs for middle or long distance travel. So young citizens should worry no more about the transport conditions. All they need to do is to figure out where to visit and head out.
F-wheel intelligent self-balancing scooters enable people to adjust their speed freely in the city life!

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