F-wheel Intelligent Unicycle D5 Opens a New Gate to Fashionable Lifestyle

F-wheel Intelligent Unicycle D5 Opens a New Gate to Fashionable Lifestyle

Riders’ Favourite F-wheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter
Abstract: Be innovative, eco-friendly and user-friendly is a triple principles of F-wheel. Over last three years, F-wheel has unveiled three series, i.e. D-series, Q-series and F-series. Of more particular is F-series that acts as the latest one and reaches the climax of F-wheel design and technology.

235461Be innovative, eco-friendly and user-friendly is a triple principles of F-wheel. Over last three years, F-wheel has unveiled three series, i.e. D-series, Q-series and F-series. The single-wheeled D-series is famous as its agility. The twin-wheeled Q-series inherits the classic elements from D-series and introduces a brand new two-wheeled structure. Of more particular is F-series that acts as the latest one and reaches the climax of F-wheel design and technology. Hence, it is naturally hailed as the ultimate of F-wheel scooters.

R1 is equipped with a cutting-edge maglev motor, a Japan-made Li-ion battery core and a self-balancing chip. Besides, aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system are introduced to R1 to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Riders can steer the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward. The riders achieve balance by slightly tilting sideways in the similar way to ride a bicycle. With enhanced brake and upgraded acceleration performance, the control of the vehicle is utterly depended on body movements.

In addition to the purposes of entertainment and fun, so far, the intelligent self-balancing scooter R1 is widely applied to various occasions. For instance, it works as a commute vehicle in factory warehouses, parks and squares, or is used as a patrol vehicle at airports and railway stations, or serves as a sightseeing vehicle in scenic areas and so on. In reality, the intelligent self-balancing scooter R1 only begun to catch on worldwide as a personal vehicle in recent years and there remains potentials to tap.

Another character of electric two-wheeled scooter R1 is worth noting. The tightly sealed technology is embedded in R1. Hence, riders are free from the concern about short circuit while steering R1 in a rainy day. This water-proof feature is also one of advantages setting R1 apart from other models.

To learn more about F-wheel intelligent electric R1, you are welcome to go to F-wheel website: www.F-wheel.net. In the near future, F-wheel is supposed to launch more high-tech models that are worthwhile to look forward.
F-wheel Will Launch a New Show at Sepang International Circuit
Abstract: On June 6th, F-wheel will make an appearance at Motosport Free Morning event at Sepang International Circuit. During the event, there will be an F-wheel booth and the company will also take part in touring the track with the public. All its popular products like R3, D1, Q1, Q3, Q5, Q6, and R1 will be brought to the spot. The thrilling news are that all models will be available for test ride and offers will also be available.

F-wheel is a high-tech company producing electric self-balancing scooters. As a company aiming at international market, F-wheel never ceases its pace to get to be known worldwide. On June 6th, this Saturday morning from 6:30am – 10am, F-wheel will make an appearance at Motosport Free Morning event at Sepang International Circuit where the Malaysia F1 Grand Prix is held each year.

Judging from the name, Motosport Free Morning, the event is committed to promote healthy and sportive lifestyles. The event contains five categories, rollerblading, cycling, running, walking, and skate boarding.

On the map of the event, F-wheel is positioned at where it marks green. Green is what F-wheel actually stands for. The most out-standing features of F-wheel electric balancing scooters are eco and green. All F-wheel products are powered by electricity. They produce zero pollution to the environment and they are harmless to our physical body. In a world with serious industrial pollution, modern focus has been shifted onto green and eco products. As new and trend-setting cycling products, F-wheel intelligent scooters have shown superior performance in environment protection. Besides, F-wheel one-wheeled unicycle can be treated as both a transport or fitness tool. As a transport tool, it saves your time by getting you rid of traffic jam easily while as a fitness equipment, it requires your whole body moves and cooperates to keep balance.

During the Motosport Free Morning event, there will be an F-wheel booth and the company will also take part in touring the track with the public. All its popular products like R3, D1, Q1, Q3, Q5 and R1 will be brought to the spot. The thrilling news is that all models will be available for test ride and offers will also be available. If you are bored of walking and are just looking for a commuting vehicle to ride, then a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter like R1 is highly recommended as it is easy to operate. But if you are looking for fun or a thrilling experience, then a one-wheeled unicycle like R3 or D1 will be worthy your trial.

Don’t hesitate anymore. For more information, come straight to the Motosport Free Morning event at Sepang International Circuit. You may find and get to know more interesting commuting vehicles and sports. F-wheel will be right there waiting for you.

F-wheel Electric Self-balancing Scooters, Your Mars Rover on the Earth
F-wheel Electric Self-balancing Scooters, Your Mars Rover on the Earth
Abstract: Traditional private cars are becoming “slower” because of the severe traffic jam. Also the air pollution caused by traditional private cars makes both human being and the environment suffer. F-wheel D1, as the new, a more convenient and eco-friendly vehicle, will lead us to the future of city transport.

The rapid development of social economy and people’s standard of living is accompanied by more private cars. But the traditional private cars are becoming “slower” because of the severe traffic jam. Also the air pollution caused by traditional private cars makes both human being and the environment suffer. Now F-wheel has introduced many new and eco-friendly vehicles which will solve both the traffic problems and the environmental problems. You will get a free driving experience like the mars rover in the outer space. Here F-wheel D1 will tell you what a wonderful experience F-wheelelectric self-balancing scooters give you.

Traditional transport means once made our life much easier. But now the crowded city causes troubles to them. Traditional cars are fast and expensive vehicles causing much air pollution and being easily stuck in the traffic jam. Also nowadays it’s not easy to find parking places for bicycles and electric bicycles, let alone private cars. As the traditional transport means becomes less convenient people keep seeking for a new more convenient and eco-friendly one, and F-wheel mars rovers give them the answer.

F-wheel self-balancing scooters achieve self-balance with its system packaging aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. F-wheel self-balancing scooters are advanced vehicles, but their control skills are very user-friendly. The riders just need to tilt in different directions to control the intelligent scooters. With a little practice, you will be a capable scooter player.

The total weight of an F-wheel scooter is only 11Kg. But the amazing range of its battery enables it to travel as far as 23Km at a top speed of 18km/h. So with the F-wheel scooter, students and office workers should no longer be troubled by the large campus and traffic jam.

As a necessity of life, transport vehicles should be durable. F-wheel always put consumers’ rights and benefits first, so F-wheel selected the best materials for it intelligent scooters. Impacts, vibrations and high temperature won’t cause any damage to shorten F-wheel products’ equipment life. F-wheel chooses the battery that resists explosion and combustion; and it can be recharged as 1800 times, as 3.8 times as the ordinary lithium battery. The carbon-fibre texture outside the vehicle makes the scooters glamorous and distinguished while you are traveling among others.

Select F-wheel scooter, you will enjoy a more convenient transport and eco-friendly trip; also, you will be one of the tastemakers and limelight!
F-wheel Electric Self-balancing Scooters Bring You the Healthy and Safe Riding Experience
F-wheel Electric Self-balancing Scooters Bring You the Healthy and Safe Riding Experience
Abstract: With its good performance, F-wheel electric self-balancing scooter works well and brings consumers comfortable riding experience in all road conditions. F-wheel scooters are the best solutions to traffic jam and the health-building equipment for consumers.

Nowadays, traffic jam has become one of the biggest troubles for city residents. Precious time wasted on the road also causes loss in business, relationship and so on. People keep searching for such a transport means that will solve the traffic problems. Fortunately, unlike other transport means, F-wheel intelligent self-balancing scooters never get stuck in a heavy traffic, and F-wheel products’ advantages make them the best choices for solving city transport problems. Considering different needs of consumers, F-wheel has introduced many product types, so all consumers will find their desired vehicles here.

F-wheel Q5 electric self-balancing scooters are small intelligent vehicles with good performance. You may wonder that the comprehensive performance of Q5 is as good as any other kinds of vehicles. Indeed the total weight of F-wheel Q5 is 11.5Kg, which is very portable for both men and women. But on such a small and light scooter, consumers carrying their goods can ride freely if the total weight of rider and rider’s goods is under 120Kg. So the worry that Q5 is not capable to bear a heavy load should not haunt consumers. F-wheel Q5’s top speed is 18Km/h, and the battery’s charging efficiency saves consumers’ much time. The intelligent operating system of F-wheel Q5 intelligent electric scooters enables riders to free their hands, and Q5 will read riders’ body tilts to perform movements.

Another product to be introduced today is F-wheel R1 electric self-balancing scooters. With great safety performance, F-wheel R1 makes your travel safe and comfortable. F-wheel R1’s tires are natural rubber tires with specially designed threaded tread. The specially designed thread gives the tires strong performance to grip the ground. So while moving on the ground, the tires ensure that F-wheel R1 won’t slip at a high speed. There are many other advanced designs for improving safety performance of F-wheel R1 because the safety performance is always regarded as the most important part in designing R1.

The last star today is F-wheel D1 electric unicycle. The design of F-wheel D1 makes it very stable while running on different road conditions, which in turn brings comfortable experiences to riders. Except the self-balancing performance, F-wheel D1 is also a vehicle with great safety performance. High and new technologies in intelligent self-control are adopted by D1’s designers. Thus, F-wheel D1 performs well in reducing shock and speed-limit protection. Many dangers that may appear in your travel riding vehicles can be avoided by riding F-wheel D1.
F-wheel Electric Self-balancing Scooter Gives You Perfect Riding Experience
Abstract: Accompanying the quickly progressing society, people have more and more choices for transport. So as a new means of transport, F-wheel self-balancing scooters have won consumers’ love for they help consumers deal with both traffic jam and health problems.

For its electric self-balancing scooters, F-wheel selects Sony lithium battery core because of its great capacity for electricity which provides great range for the products. Meanwhile, for the sake of consumers’ safety, functions like speed limit protection, low battery protection are added to F-wheel’s products, which greatly avoid potential dangers.

Accompanying the quickly progressing society, people have more and more choices for transport. Recently, F-wheel self-balancing scooters are quite popular among office workers and people who want to choose healthy and eco-friendly vehicles. Here several F-wheel products will be presented and you will know why F-wheel is so tempting to office workers.

The first product to be introduced is the electric unicycle named F-wheel Q5. Two footboards are installed on both sides of the one-wheeled Q5. While riding the vehicles, consumers should put each foot on a footboard. Then by tilting the body in different directions, consumers are able to ride Q5 to the place they want. More than an optimal transport means, F-wheel Q5 also helps you improve your health conditions because more movements are required while riding Q5. With an F-wheel Q5 you will enjoy both your travel and your exercises.

Then here comes the F-wheel D1 electric unicycle, this is also a one-wheeled vehicle. But it has advantages including outstanding bearing capacity, great range and high speed. The top bearing weight of F-wheel D1 is 120Kg, and it enables consumers to travel as far as 20 Km at a top speed of 18km/h, for which F-wheel D1 is the best choice for a short trip. D1 has a large hub which stabilizes the vehicle while traveling; and its small size makes it portable to carry by consumers. Thus it’s no doubt that F-wheel D1 is very popular among office workers.

The last wonderful product today is F-wheel R1 electric self-balancing scooter. Different from the above two products, this product is a two-wheeled intelligent self-balancing scooter. R1 has a strong body made from the recently most advanced materials named polymer nano-materials. Polymer nano-materials is very solid but very light. So F-wheel R1 weighs only 22.4Kg; it’s very easy to carry R1 on a trip.

F-wheel electric self-balancing scooter is a transport means for short trip and tool for health-building. They help office worker to solve traffic jam and improve riders’ health conditions. With the high-quality and strong performance, F-wheel products fulfil people’s all expectations.
With F-wheel Electric Self-balancing Scooter, Protecting Environment Will No Longer Take Some Doing.
Abstract: Living in the city full of hustle and bustle, we are close to forgetting the colour of sky and the clearness of brook. Our economy develops in a staggering way, but at the expense of the environment. The single-minded pursuit of economic development and the obliviousness of the environment have to cost us a lot. If we carry on in this way, we are sure to know the lesson to our cost. We have to consider the sustainability and start to pay our parts. F-wheel intelligent self-balancing scooter will make it for you.

Protecting environment is the hottest talking-point. How to get rid of haze and return the blue to the sky is our main concern. A study shows that the culprit of haze and pollution is the increasing amount of gas emission. In order to eradicate the issue of haze, we are supposed to change our way of transports and decrease the exhaust. F-wheel intelligent self-balancing scooter D3 is powered by green electricity in the interest of environment.

F-wheel is a leading brand of electric scooters in the sector. It has been focusing on the improvement of products in an effort to put out safe and green transports. F-wheel D3 is fashioned ergonomically, offering users a comfortable and leisure experience of riding.

Being a transport, safety comes first. From D3, it is easy to feel that the safety of products takes priority over everything. It is fitted with F-wheel intelligent chip. The aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system are wrapped into F-wheel intelligent electric scooter D3, ensuring the safety whiling traveling. Moreover, the threaded tyres installed on D3 shields itself from sliding when scooting on the wet slippery road.

The built-in intelligent chip facilitates ease of D3 use. Practice for a long time will turn you into a pro. Gorgeous and stylish,two-wheeled scooter D3 gets a large screen and a stereo embedded in it. The wireless connected stereo by no means plunges you into solitude.

F-wheel D3 goes for excursion, shopping and going to school or office. As a green transport, it never exerts any pressure on the environment. In this case, the blue sky will return to us.
F-wheel R3, the New Symbol of Street Culture
Abstract: In recent years, electric unicycle gradually occupied all Chinese big cities, and became the new symbol of street culture. F-wheel, leaders of electric unicycle industry, introduced F-wheel R3 the best choices of players on the street, with reasonable price and amazing performance.

In recent years, electric unicycle gradually occupied all Chinese big cities, and became the new symbol of street culture.

While riding electric unicycle, riders must change the gravity centre to finish all movements like accelerating, decelerating, braking and so on. With these movements, skilled riders are able to give amazing performance.

The good unicycle player firstly needs a good unicycle. In all these player groups, there is generally one or more F-wheel unicycle. And F-wheel R3 is one of the most popular toys among these players. Together with Q3’s fashionable and minimalist contour, the driving style of F-wheel Q3 attracts many players.

Developers of F-wheel electric single-wheeled scooter R3 adopted many core intelligent technologies, and selected Sony lithium battery core as the batter bank, which is also preferred by Tesla the giant electric vehicles producer. This battery core can be recharged 1800 times, and this is an equipment life 3.8 times to the ordinary lithium battery. Also the range of this battery core are 2.9 time to ordinary ones. Moreover, there are other advantages of lithium batteries like being non-poisonous, with no memory effect, short charging time and able to be used while charging. All these advantages ensure you the sufficient energy and safety to support your riding. The enclosed design keeps the electric scooters clean inside. The unicycle itself weighs 10kg, much lighter than most of other brands’. And such a weight enables players to finish some wonderful jumps. The theoretical top speed of R3 is 18km/h, but in poor road conditions, both range and top speed of the unicycle will be lower than the theoretical top values.

As transport vehicles and street culture toys, the safety of F-wheel R3 will be the first concern of consumers. Four protection functions are added to R3, and these four functions will be especially important to players on street. When the speed exceeds 12km/h, the fore part of the footboard will slowly rise and remind you that continuing acceleration may cause dangers. When the battery is lower than 15%, the four LED on R3 will blink simultaneously and the buzzer will start to warn because it’s time to pay attention to the battery. Accidents like players falling down happen because of sudden battery outrage, but F-wheel R3 effectively avoid such sad stories. If sudden battery outrage happens and players fall down, the tilting protection will prevent the moving unicycle from losing control and hurting others.

Reasonable is price and amazing is performance. F-wheel is the best choice to players.

electric unicycle, electric single-wheeled scooter, electric scooters
F-wheel, Your Best Choice of Electric Self-balancing Scooter
Abstract: F-wheel leads the electric self-balancing scooter industry. With features of high quality, saving energy, and user-oriented price, F-wheel’s electric self-balancing scooter has been consumers’ best choices.

Since the advent of electric self-balancing scooter, its small size and cool contour has won the love of young trendsetters. More and more consumers are attracted by these new vehicles. But troubles also emerged. How should I choose among these brands?

F-wheel will be your best choice.
Many technologies are adopted in the design of intelligent scooter, so unreasonable low price usually means low quality. F-wheel’s products guarantee consumers the high quality with a reasonable price because F-wheel put consumers’ rights and benefits in the first place.

Sony lithium battery core as the power bank, tires from SHENG the top 10 Chinese brands of tire, resin shell synthetized with hi-tech nano materials, audio muting maglev motor and other carefully selected materials are adopted as the assembly units. F-wheel believes that the best materials make the best products, and only the best products help F-wheel to won the excellent reputation among consumers.

Safety is always F-wheel’s first consideration
Vehicle designers must first ensure riders’ safety. In its electric scooters, F-wheel applies its own intelligent chips, packaging aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. These chips enable scooters to balance itself and provide riders speed with limit protection as well. Many inferior scooters of other brands increase the speed limit for attracting consumers, but these brands are not capable to provide matching accessories for such a high speed. So if outage happens in a high speed, brakes will stop working and riders will face dangers.

F-wheel provides consumers with best services
F-wheel first created a large market for electric self-balancing scooters, and then other inferior brands tried to enter the market and share the benefits. The registered trademark of F-wheel has been imitated by many bandit brands. But though these bandit brands own the similar pronunciation or even the spell of the word “F-wheel”. They won’t copy the quality, services and reputation of F-wheel. F-wheel is always easy to be copied, but t is a genuine “earthship” which enables F-wheel has never been surpassed

F-wheel provides consumers with a completed set of services. Likewise, F-wheel offers more choices of products like the classic X series and the luxurious S series.

F-wheel has led the electric self-balancing scooter industry for years, and achieved good overseas sales. This is also the proof of F-wheel’s reputation.

So how could one resists F-wheel’s products with such high quality and a low price?

F-wheel, your best choice of electric self-balancing scooter
F-wheel Intelligent Unicycle D5 Opens a New Gate to Fashionable Lifestyle
Abstract: Are you a member of Self-independent Generation? F-wheel intelligent unicycle has shaken the world. Don’t hesitate to get one or you might miss the chance of catching up with latest fashion. F-wheel intelligent unicycle is a new vehicle for commuting. It is light, chargeable, and portable. It can bear the weight of up to 120kg. With it, you won’t worry about the trouble of cramming onto buses and metros. It brings you a journey to be a tastemaker.

The pace of modern urban life is faster, and nobody can afford to slow his pace. In this case, choosing an appropriate commuting vehicle has been very difficult. The most painful thing in life might be when you wait for the bus with your phone, the bus driver shakes his head and smiles at you. Good news is that with the birth of F-wheel Intelligent Unicycle D5, you won’t have to wait in the bus station or sigh in a metro station.

F-wheel electric monocycle is a high-tech and fashionable commuting vehicle customized for urbanites. The device employs the most advanced aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system. It is a genuine “earthship” which enables you to gallop on the earth freely. A rider is only required to stand on the device and lean forward or backward to make operations such as advance, speed up, slow down and brake. The theory of keeping balance is similar to that of riding a bicycle. But a unicycle weighs only 10kg, which is much lighter than a bicycle and thus is much easier to operate.

In addition, F-wheel intelligent monocycle is mounted with a 132wh lithium original battery. It takes only 90 minutes to get a full charge and the maximum speed can reach 18 km/h. When loaded with 60kg, it can climb a slope with an angle of up to 18 degrees. Your worry about power shortage might be eliminated. Riding the device, your safety is highly ensured. In cases of low power, fast speed or over 45° tilt, the device will give warnings and activate protection measures to keep you safe.

It is when the environment is seriously damaged might people yearn for environment protection and healthy lifestyle. Intelligent unicycle takes advantage of this situation and comes into being. Moreover, F-wheel D5 has outstanding performance in the industry. Do you want to shake off the weary state of mind? Why don’t you act now? Only one small intelligent unicycle will help you make contribution to mother earth. It scoots you weaving through the streets and lanes, getting more sunshine and breathing more fresh air. Don’t these things get you flipped?

The invention of F-wheel one-wheeled electric unicycle represents a new culture and trend. It is a symbol of greenness and health. Whether you are a diligent student, a busy employee or a liberal backpacker, F-wheel D5 will be your best choice. It will accompany you to anywhere in the world and even drive into the deep corner in your heart.
F-wheel Electric Self-balancing Scooter, New Career Opportunity
Abstract: F-wheel electric self-balancing scooter provides the new way of private transportation tool that combines technological advances with the healthy way of life. And the potential market capacity is providing a new career opportunity for ambitious people who plan to start a business and make a fortune.

As a new personal transportation tool, F-wheel not only brings enjoyable traveling experiences for consumers, but also provides new opportunities for those who start to run businesses.

Nowadays, people from all walks of life are confronted with fierce competitions. In such a highly and rapidly developed society, people are working hard to stand firm and obtain further development, and those people with visions constantly seek for new career opportunities. F-wheel electric self-balancing scooter provides new opportunities for partnership and it is the best chance to fulfill your ambitions now. Join F-wheel and give yourself a chance to start a business and pioneer the way to wealth.

So what’s F-wheel electric self-balancing scooter? And why the scooters would provide the new opportunities for business and wealth? First, F-wheel electric scooter is a high-tech product that invented with high-end technologies. Under the simple-looking design, powerful technological fruits that guarantee the performances of F-wheel electric self-balancing scooter. The scooter is a premium high-tech product that applies polymer nano-material technology to the making of the shell, which has advantages of lightweight, durability as well as its abrasion resistance. Besides, the F-wheel electric self-balancing scooter is equipped with imported original Sony battery with impressive capacity that can continuously power the scooter for dozens of miles. And the long battery life (many times longer than normal batteries) makes it possible for thousands of cycle recharge. With so many high-tech fruits equipped with the scooter, it is not unimaginable that F-wheel electric self-balancing unicycles are definitely premium and trustworthy products.

It is not an exaggeration that F-wheel electric scooters are capable of eclipsing all other transportation products in terms of its marvelous performances. Most importantly, the electric self-balancing scooter shows huge market potentials and prospects since the more and more people suffering from city congestion will accept F-wheel electric scooter as a new way of private transportation that is economical, enjoyable and environment-friendly.

Now F-wheel electric self-balancing scooters are attracting investments throughout the country and providing a brilliant chance of establishing a start-up or business to make a fortune. F-wheel believes that the future of electric self-balancing scooter is even brighter and joining F-wheel will be your unregretful choice.

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