F-Wheel launches their newest patented 4 wheel hoverboard- the iCarbot

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F-Wheel today launched their newest hoverboard, the iCarbot. The hoverboard has a unique patented design with 4 wheels, with the front two wheels powering the hoverboard while the rear two wheels acting as support for extra comfort and stability. It is available in two colors, black and white, with the black one having red accents in the wheels and the white one having black accents. The board looks stylish as well as sturdy and is lightweight with only weighing 3.4 kilograms. It has a rated carrying capacity of 120 kilograms and can easily carry people with footwear or large feet, owing to its 39 centimeters length and 32 centimeters width. Also it has a beastly Lithium Ion(Li-Ion) battery, which lasts till 15 to 20 kilometers in the speeds of 12 kilometers per hour and supports fast charge, completely charging under 2 hours. It also has the capability to move even in inclines below 15 degrees,Also, the electric hoverboard can easily be controlled by any Android or iOS phone with the app also showing the battery status as well as the location of the hoverboard. According to the company, the hoverboard was designed in collaboration with a German group, to ensure the highest levels of quality and satisfaction to the buyer and also to cater to their national as well as their international audience.

Check out some images below as shared by F-Wheel


Also check out the videos below to check out how its works and how it works-


A spokesperson speaking on the behalf of F-Wheel said that their main motivation for developing this product is to make short distance travel comfortable as well as eco-friendly. They also say that it provides a stylish way for personal mobility where one can move easily without breaking a sweat. The company has built this product following stringent quality standards and by following the “Six Sigma” quality manufacturing process.

F-Wheel is a major maker of hoverboards in China, with its products being in the top 3 rank in the country. The first batch of preorders for the product are already sold out, with the second round of preorders open on their website for $461.

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