F-wheel Factory is Preparing for the Chinese Traditional Lunar New Year Meeting Show

Anual largest festival in China Lunar New Year is coming and F-wheel is holding an annual new year fun show for its staff in order to praise their staff’s outstanding contribution to the company.  Meanwhile, in the eyes of other companies like Fosjoas, Freego and Airwheel, this annual meeting is also regarded as the Smart Electric Bike Industry Forum for DYU’s leading position in the industry.

F-wheel group are going the have fun and celebrate their significant progress in the electric bike researching and marketing.

During 2018, 3 classic electric bikes are born and over 100 thousand electric bikes are sold by F-wheel through the channel of crowd-funding, B2B business- Alibaba, Global source, etc and B2C business- Amazon, eBay and Gearbest, etc. Success one by one proves the great potential of the electric bike market and brilliant product quality of the DYU, one of the subsidiaries of F-wheel.


The Lunar Chinese new year festival is also called the Sprind festival. During the the holiday, most Chinese are on holidays and don’t work anymore during those days.  After that, everthing goes normal again soon.

When is the 2018 Chinese new year festival? Good question. In 2018, February 16th is the Spring Festival.  So take a notice of the date will make the business easier and hassle-free.

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Please leave a message below and take the chance to buy in more DYU electric bikes in case of being out of stock during the festival.