F-wheel Segway Style Electric Unicycle Scooter Received an Unreasonable Request

F-wheel Segway Style Electric Unicycle Scooter Received an Unreasonable Request

Segway style electric unicycle scooter develops with time. Many customers from F-wheel like to tell us what they need. However, some may be strange. One of our old customer said he need a three wheeled electric unicycle scooter. F-wheel staff dropped their jaw down to the ground when hearing this striking news. Though F-wheel company falls in love with innovation and keeps on pushing out new gadgets like the red rabbit series one wheel scooter, breaking new design noble appearance two wheel scooter with low price and high quality, we have never heard three wheeled electric unicycle scooter before!


As you know, two wheel self balancing scooter is a new tech item that was invented in recent 2 years. People from all over the world fell in love with it at the first sight for its future conception appearance and cool riding style. When people riding on it they have a different felling compared to tricycle and bicycle.

When you are not able to ride bicycle, you may think it’s mysterious stuff with magic and dangerous magic. You may think the tricycle is the most safe one. You may think too many people got hurt on bicycle. However, when you learned how to ride the bicycle, I promise you will never get back to that old fashioned tricycle which only small children ride. Though the tricycle is much safer than bicycle. Bicycle defeated the tricycle.

Through this theory, we are able to deduce that the electric unicycle scooter will replace the stand of bicycle! It’s anightmare to bicycle manufacturers. Bicycle manufactures have never though his competition is the unicycle when they are trying to make better bicycles. You can never image that you buy a best designed and high quality tricycle to be cool. Nowadays, bicycle is old fashioned like tricycle.


If you are young man, try to get one electric unicycle to be cool to attract eyes of passersby. If you are mid aged man, try to get one electric unicycle scooter with segway style to be more efficient in commuting. If you are a old man, try to relax yourself from hard-labor long walking and run as fast as young man.

Let’s go back to the theme of this post now. Why does our customer need the segway style three-wheeled electric unicycle scooter?

fuzhuluntupianBecause, he need a pair of auxiliary wheels! Since he is from Saudi Arabia, his English is not so good, just like our F-wheel people from China. A electric unicycle with 2 newbie learning wheels  equals 3 wheels. That’s the answer.

To discover more how to make up a 3 wheeled electric unicycle scooter, please leave us your message below.

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