F-wheel Self Balancing Unicycle Instruction to Better Use

Simple questions:

The charger:

(1) can’t normal charge, flywheel will powered unicycle under the condition of no electricity insert charger can’t normal, suggest using the same model charger to try, as the results suggested that return to change new.

10346275_810297665718756_4228935970690560702_n(2) the charger fan can not work normally, the charger with the cooling fan inside before charging, please check whether the fan operation is normal, such as fan cannot turn please don’t use normally.

electric unicycle

(3) with conventional voltage to charge, please charge voltage of AC220V50-60 hz, before use, please check whether the charger shell is broken.

(4) please use the flywheel will with the original charger.

electric one wheel

2, the battery
(1) boot test to see if the battery has power, Q series are ten case, according to the power indicator light is red, each grid electricity consumption of red indicator light will put out a case.
(2) charging don’t overshoot, full of power is the best in 10 minutes.
3, motor:
(1) normal use motor generally there is no problem, if the water into the motor caused by burn out will not be free maintenance.
4, the shell:
(1) inspection before delivery the shell will normally won’t appear cracks and other issues, such as cycling for a long time will not be free replacement.
(2) the car shell should be far away from the corrosive liquid and solid, normal riding the car shell does not generally broke, man-made destruction does not give free maintenance.
5, inner tube:
(1) of the new car to see if the wheels have spirit, inflatable mouth is normal.
(2) a new car air pressure is insufficient to see whether there is inner trachoma.
(3) can get in the car feel about the car ride rocked please reduce inner pressure according to the personal weight reduced pressure.
6, pedal:
(1) ride longer pedal some loose, the pedal with six pyramid inside screw hole of the screw tightening.
7, chargers:
(1) in addition to the charger plug to ban other items contact, prevent burning mouth.
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self balancing unicycle

(2) the electric charge timely fastening mouth filling rubber cap, in order to prevent the liquid into the charge in the mouth!
one wheel scooter
one wheel scooter
self balancing scooter

Beautiful, international famous brand electric unicycle flywheel will launch the “dream weavers students, warm clothes as a” national public interest action, started the first station – jia located experiment elementary school.

In the winter, the flywheel will industrial co., LTD. Of zhengzhou in zhengzhou charity federation, xingyang charity federation, henan TV station “zhongyuan business card”, zhengzhou city science and technology association care left-behind children charity activities to xingyang jia valley town experimental primary school, for jia located experiment elementary school 40 come from remote mountainous areas and poor rural left-behind children brought warm Christmas gift bag, at the same time as the school sent oil, flour, and bags, all kinds of popular science books and basketball, football, rope skipping, and many other style products, and the scene to donate for the flywheel will self balancing vehicles as a school students sports equipment.

“To thank the social from all walks of life love entrepreneurs to our help and support.”Principal vnis is introduced that a total of more than 1280 students, there are many come from remote mountain areas and poor rural left-behind children, on the children experience the charm of the flywheel will since the balance of the car, the children’s faces smile of joy!

The child is balanced car experience

The flywheel, as a social responsibility as the mission to promote science and technology culture for the purpose of enterprises, the public welfare charity as a corporate lasting to carry out the enterprise culture and mission.The success of the enterprise brand is not just the product sales, more is the enterprise to the society pay and responsibility!

In the public interest action after the flywheel will CEO li wei in the face of the reporter’s interview: “science and education and rejuvenating the country, children are the future of science and technology, to promote science and technology and cultural knowledge, it is the mission of the us as a high tech enterprise christen hong DE is the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, we hope that more companies and people to join the love action, let love warm this winter, today is our first stop, the flywheel will ‘a flywheel, a cotton-padded jacket, a warm winter’ national public interest action will continue.”

other questions:

If you have other questions, please call the flywheel will after-sales telephone: 0371-66387888


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