F-wheel Starts a Forum for DYU Electric Bike Fans on Childrens Day

e bike in china

It’s Children’s Day for kids today and it’s also a day for adults who always has a young and optimistic heart. F-wheel company catch this chance and starts its first forum for its beloved young and beautiful customers and fans today.


Since it’s the beginning of the forum, many places are not mature and need improvements. The author Jesse collected plenty of stuff from online and old customers then posted it to the forum, however, it’s still not enough.


And we are hiring administrators especially the F-wheel agents for managing and promoting local groups, interact with fans. You can leave a message below or message the admin in the forum if you’re interested in it.

forum of fwheel



The forum is still growing with the development of the product and it will provide more and more useful information to customers especially when the D3 DYU bike release in the near future . When the customers meet and solve technique problemsconsulting the latest prices, looking for local collaborations and share the happy feeling and moment in riding the DYU bike with other friends in the F-wheel community, they can check and post the message in the forum first.


The one-click social login of F-wheel forum even frees you from typing the email address. So, hassle-free and convenient is the main feature of the forum.


The staffs in F-wheel are waiting for you and welcome the newcomers warmly.