F-wheel Took Part in 2015 Canton Fair, Attracting Dozens of Overseas Merchants Having a Try

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China Import and Export Fair, namely Canton Fair, is held on April 15th to 19th , 2015. And F-wheel took part in this fair with its outstanding products, catching the eyes of global merchants. Onlookers strive to be the first to try the electric unicycles and finally reach a preliminary cooperative agreement with F-wheel.


Brand F-wheel belongs to Zhengzhou F-wheel Industrial Co.,Ltd. Since the launch of the products, F-wheel has won a great number of orders from domestic and overseas market. Especially after the new listing of the dolphin series product, this rocketing growth rate spurt of orders has been kept. Meanwhile, Brand F-wheel started to be famous all over the world when F-wheel electric unicycle show up in every corner of the world.



Foreign customers and merchants flock to the international exhibiting booth of F-wheel, noting what a bright future this product will have they think. F-wheel has set up a subsidiary in Hongkong in charge of product export. We trust F-wheel will make still further progress in the near future and keep on the research and development of more practical new type products to serve the people.

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