Fall in Love with DYU Smart Bike at First Sight – A Singapore Girl’s Beautiful Dream on the New E-scooter

elektrischer scooter dyu electric bike

Girls love beautiful, cute & tiny gadgets. They might not be interested in high tech stuff, but they must be interested in something that makes them look beautiful, elegant and stylish. A Singapore girl from Sg scooters & Falconpev sees the DYU bike in accidence and shows great affection on it that she even cannot release it from her and after riding at the first try.  Let’s take the chance and share her great work together.

e motorroller dyu electric bike

It could be an artwork indoor.

elektroroller mit straßenzulassung

Bike weight: Around 12kg, extremely lightweight

elektro scooter mit straßenzulassung

So tiny and lightweight that makes her feel like flying.

e moped

Puts a smile on the girl by saving her strength from pedaling a pure manual power bike.


Makes the trip easy, comfortable and sweatless in the crowded city.

e scooter kaufen

The young girl is beautiful, and she is even more beautiful on this stylish mini e scooter. She is not in a beautiful dream but on a DYU electric bike. I guess it could be a perfect gift from the boy friend.


Latest user unboxing video share — What you get from the box of DYU:

What a 5-month user from New York City says about DYU:

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