Five Reasons to Buy Self Balancing Scooter, A Few Essential Facts You Should Know

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The two wheel self balancing scooter is getting more and more popular in America.  As far as we are concerned, the self balancing scooter, namely IO hawk, monorover, standing hoverboard with no handle will getting more prevalent Worldwide. There is a obvious sign that the South Africa, Brazil and a dozen of European countries are now following up the fashion trend of the self balancing scooter. Many resellers from those countries now starts to contact us and resell this self balancing skateboard promptly now. There is a broad blank market including America, Europe and Africa.  Who comes early makes money!!!


There are five reasons why they are popular, which are also the reasons you should consider before you decide to invest money to resell or buy it.

First, its new design idea with self balancing technique which indicates the future.

Second, it has the price that most people can afford. On this website, you’r able to find the cheapest self balancing scooter in the world because we are the original self balancing scooter manufacturer. Factory direct selling means low price. Leave us a message and you will get detailed information of the scooter you are interested in.

Below are the products we are manufacturing.

F-wheel self balancing scooter Basic

F-wheel self balancing scooter Advanced

F-wheel self balancing boards with Bluetooth

Third, they are suitable to all age group. Young kids to grandparents are all able to handle it.


Fourth, they are suitable to both genders.

Fifth, it have great reputation.  Superstars like Justin Biber and Chris Brown have riden it first.

Welcome to leave us a message below to know more about it, we’ll reply you in short time.

2-Wheel Self-Balancing Electric Scooter – aka. Monorover R2, Chic Smart, IO Hawk, PhukeeDuck, Mini-segway, Hoverboard, Swegway, AirBoard, Airwheel, Drifting Board, IO Hawk, Hyperwalk.