Foldable & portable electric bike DYU S2 for the last mile travel

Foldable & portable electric bike DYU S2 for the last mile travel

Whether at work or in daily life, I am often troubled by the last mile.

Although I already have a big electric car at home, it still feels inconvenient.

So, I spent some time studying the small electric bike🛵

Finally, I feel that DYU S2 is relatively good, starting with a 10AH Extreme Edition with shock absorption system.

I have been riding for a long time now, let me talk about some of my feelings~

Foldable & portable electric bike DYU S2 for the last mile travel

1. Is it really necessary to buy it?

It is really necessary! Although we are in a small county town, the parking pressure is very high. Whether we go to the supermarket or go out to work, we often have to park at a far away place. The last mile makes people feels bad. Once you have a folding electric bike like DYU S2, you can put it in the trunk and take it out anytime. Moreover, in many areas, this folding electric bike can also be taken on the subway and buses, and the last mile in commuting can also be a perfect solution.

Foldable & portable electric bike DYU S2 for the last mile travel

2. Is the folding electric bike easy to use?

It’s really convenient! Some other brands of folding bikes are cumbersome to fold in order to blindly pursue small size. On the other hand, my DYU smart electric bike folds in 3 seconds in 1 step. You can also install a front basket because almost everyone carries a bag when going out. This small electric bike has a basket, which is very convenient. You can put your bag or other items in it.

Uh, by the way, this small electric bike is also very convenient to ride. Turn on the power and just twist the handlebar to go. Unlike other electric bikes, there are unlock buttons and start operations.


3. Is such a small ebike safe?

DYU S2 has many safety-related designs. For example, it has headlights, high-bright taillights, side reflectors, and the headlights are highlighted with LEDs. The light emitted is brighter. It is not a problem to shine at night, but more importantly, you can make the bike on the opposite side see you.

In terms of braking, this small electric bike is equipped with disc brakes at the front and rear, and it has very good braking performance whether it is sunny or slippery.

Foldable & portable electric bike DYU S2 for the last mile travel

4. Are you tired when riding this ebike?

Of course not, it’s very comfortable! The extreme version is with shock absorption, a large-capacity 18650 lithium battery of 10AH, running 40KM at full power, it can solve the last mile problem 40 times! Then there is no pressure on the high-speed brushless motor to go uphill and cross a ditch.

The seat of the bike is hollow, dry and breathable, and the height can be adjusted by itself. My wife with a height of 1.6 meters can ride it, and it is very convenient for me to ride at 1.75 meters.

Foldable & portable electric bike DYU S2 for the last mile travel

▶️The final thoughts

This small electric bike is also equipped with an electronic key. After the bike is locked, not only the alarm system will be activated, but the motor will also be locked synchronously. The safety factor is still relatively high, and there is no need for an additional padlock when traveling. In fact, I still prefer the pedal design of this small electric bike. You can exercise your body during riding, and you can have the feeling of a bicycle and the enjoyment of an electric bike at the same time. Of course, the most important thing is that this foldable electric bike can be licensed, and we have confirmed locally that it can have a green license for electric bikes. In this way, you don’t have to worry about being fined when you ride in the city center.

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