Hello, Germany! DYU Smart Bike team are taking unprecedented actions in Germany

dyu smart bike germany

Good news! 2 great pieces of news for DYU smart bike fans in Germany, Poland and other European countries.

No. 1: DYU smart bike is taking part in Germany EUROBIKE show

Europe is one of the most important markets of DYU Smart Bike and many DYU agents and customers are located in Europe.  In order to make it simple and easy for your visit and connection with DYU team, we’ve arranged a booth in EUROBIKE and would be greatly honored and grateful for your visit then.

Here is the booth number of DYU team.

Booth Number: A3-612A
Date: 4-7th, Sep 2019
Address: Neuse Messe 188046 Friedrichshafen Germany

EURO BIKE invitation dyu

No. 2: DYU Smart Bike D3F and D3+ will enter Poland warehouse at the end of August

Poland is the center of Europe and it’s one of the biggest economies in the world. Besides, DYU Smart Bike has a group of fans in Germany who love DYU really.

In order to shorten the delivery time and cut down the product cost in shipping significantly, DYU has set up a warehouse in Poland in July, and a large batch of products will arrive in Poland soon.  

Until then, both wholesale and retail customers of DYU won’t have to wait for 1 or 2 months before the complete delivery of the e bikes. Customers in France, Great Britain and Spain will get the e bikes in just a few days, while Poland customers may get the DYU products in only 1 day.

germany e bike law dyu

DYU smart team believes only freeing the customers from the worries and troubles will win the heart of the customers, and this team has been on the road of making customers happier for at least 5 years. Your smile with DYU is always the only reason why we strive so hard.

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