Get Hold Of the New Ultimate iCarbot Four Wheel Scooter and Experience Like Never Before


AMAZING! AMAZING!! AMAZING!!! You asked for it and now it’s here. Are you a lover of wheel scooter? Are you looking for a balanced and highly speed wheel scooter?  Are you finding it stressful walking round shopping mall? Do you wish to exercise with your hands moving freely? Then, stop searching, hurry and order for yourIcarbot Four Wheel Scooter now. F-wheel Self-balancing Electric Unicycle & Scooter Company deals on product manufacturing, researching, sales and marketing development. We’re introducing this amazing four wheel scooter as means of branding to bring comfort and satisfaction to our esteem customers and for public use.


The Four Wheel Scooter, weighs 3kg and it comes in different color and size that is durable, portable and flexible to adjust or fixed. It’s made with high quality material that is water resist and free from rust. The four wheel scooter allows you to stand on it and move freely just like hover boards or self-balancing scooter. The battery, could be removed or charged along with the four wheel scooter. If charged, the battery could last for 2 hour. At F-wheel, we keep to our words by making sure that we generate lead from product offered or introduced to the market.

The four wheeled scooter we’re bringing or launching to the market for users or sport athlete, for shopping or exercising, is safer, steadier and lighter and has been tested and 100% result success has been recorded before introducing it to the general public for usage.

Our products are distributed throughout USA, UK, France and Germany and can be found in cities which includes New York. London, Paris and Berlin and it affordable at a reasonable price. Take a view of our FAQ on our site and view testimonials from our customers who have used our products. Also, you can take advantage of our discount offer and order for yours now.  Buy/order 100 unit and get 10% discount and buy/order 500 and get 20% discount. 100% guaranteed!  Take action!! Act now!! And save yourself the stress.

For your order and more information, visit https://www.fwheel.cc/Product-Self-Balancing-Electric-Unicycle/iCarbot-walkcar-four-wheel-scooter.html

F-WHEEL After-Sales Department OR Call; Tel: 400-080-7170

Detailed Information and user manual of Icarbot Four Wheel Scooter is also available.


Don’t Be Left Out Of This Amazing Product!

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