Henan Province S&T Officers Visited F-wheel Electric Unicycle Scientific Research Base

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The group of 8 people including party secretary Huang Huang Buyi from Henna Provice Science and Technology Office and the division chief came to visit F-wheel scientific research base  in Zhengzhou University high tech park in the morning of April 3rd,2015. The chief manager and research personnel of Zhengzhou F-wheel Industrial Co,. Ltd. explained and demonstrated the riding principle of electric self balancing unicycle and a series of achievement in domestic and foreign scope of the electric unicycle, winning unanimous praise from the leaders of the Province Science and Technology Office.
Zhengzhou F-wheel Industrial Co,. Ltd. is a high tech enterprise on a mission of green intelligent travel. And its products have been exported to dozens of countries, enjoying a high reputaion and refreshing the impression of Made in China of foreigners. Dozens of unicycle types, 5 series belonging to this company, are the best tools for riding instead of walk for city short trips. Further more, F-wheel has been awarded the prize of Best Vehicle Journey Partner and The Best Responsibility Brand.
After the visit,secretary Huang denoted,”You should take the lead of researching and inventing more eco-friendly going out tools and making out more Made in China green energy saing products.” We trust that F-wheel will progress further in the field of inventing more products under the support and encourage of province leaders and bring the world more eco-friendly, convenient, intelligent and advanced going out tools.

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