Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, One Wheel Hoverboard X1 or Hoverboard

On March 9th 2016, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton attended the 8th Democratic debate of the primary season in Miami. Although Bernie and Hillary both run for the same party – the Democrats, it is still necessary to compare them in order to determine who to vote for in the Presidential Election.


So, what exactly has all this political talk got to do with hover boards? As it turns out, there are plenty of similarities that may take you by surprise. If you’ve ever considered buying a hoverboard, read on to get closer insight of two current models on the market.

The One Wheel Hoverboard X1

It’s simple, really: the One Wheel Hoverboard X1 is the Bernie Sanders of the hoverboard industry.

The One Wheel Hoverboard X1 is cheap and cost effective. Bernie Sanders has openly spoken about the ways he intends to help those on lower incomes live as well as possible, including raising the national minimum wage to $15 per hour.

F Wheel believe that everyone should have access to the things they want, but that’s no good if they can’t afford them. Just like Bernie wants to provide inclusive healthcare to all, F Wheel are aiming to provide fun and entertainment at a more affordable price point than competitors.

The design of the One Wheel Hoverboard X1 is bright and exciting, featuring colorful lights and a modern, creative design. This innovative new look is best suited to those who aren’t afraid to show who they are – users who want to be fun, youthful and down with the trends.

This is exactly what Bernie Sanders has been doing in recent months – promoting himself to a younger, trendsetting audience who have a lot of faith in his views and actions.

But if the One Wheel Hoverboard X1 is comparable to Bernie Sanders, what does that mean for competitors? Take the Hoverboard brand for example.


If the One Wheel Hoverboard X1 is Bernie Sanders, then the Hoverboard is Hillary Clinton.

Hoverboard is perhaps the most well known brand name for these devices, but that doesn’t automatically make it the best. Just like Hillary has been well known and popular for longer, she would not necessarily make a better president than Bernie Sanders.

When it comes down to price points, the branded Hoverboard is also one of the most expensive on the market,making it a bad choice for those looking to budget effectively and save money – something Bernie is far more likely to do for the USA than Hillary based on their differing views on the topic. Hillary is in favour of a lower minimum wage ($12 per hour) and is less outspoken with regard to American citizens on lower incomes.

The Hoverboard design is stylish, sleek and traditional. While it does look great overall, it lacks the character of the One Wheel Hoverboard X1. Unlike Bernie, Hillary tends to stick with the classics that she knows well in an attempt to stay safe. Although this is no problem for older voters, staying behind the times could potentially turn away the younger, trendier audience. If she can’t relate with the younger generation of voters, she may lose out when it comes to the polls.

The Hoverboard makes a lot of claims about charge time, speed, range and quality that seem better than the One Wheel Hoverboard X1 on paper. But how truthful really are these claims?

Companies are known to exaggerate their products by using results gathered from within a testing facility, which often doesn’t compare to the results that can be achieved in the ‘real world’. This is, coincidentally, something politicians are also famous for doing.

While Hillary has made claims that might not hold up, Bernie’s plans for the country come off as positive, accecssible and realistic – just like F Wheel’s.

Ready to learn more?

If you’re intrigued by what the One Wheel Hoverboard X1 could do for you, it’s time to take a closer look at the specs.

Let’s go into more detail about the X1 – the better value product of the two that’s guaranteed to be a success for the buyer.

The One Wheel Hoverboard X1 by F Wheel has a top speed of 25km per hour and a range of around 16 – 19km, making it efficient for quick journeys or simply riding for fun.
It can climb around 35 degree slopes, creating a suitable ability level for most urban terrain.
The 60 v lithium battery will charge in around one hour – great for if you’re in a rush to get out on the move.

The brakes are controlled by somatosensory control regulation whilst the control principle of the device is gyro balanced, making it a sturdy, safety conscious piece of kit. It can hold up to 120kg, enough for the average person, plus is has bluetooth capability to stay connected at all times.

Where looks are concerned, the One Wheel Hoverboard X1 is available with a colorful exterior and LED lights, featuring space white, space purple and blue to name a few.

With so many effective features, why consider purchasing anything else? Any potential candidate for President of the United States should be honoured to be compared to the One Wheel Hoverboard X1!

Not convinced? Here are just a few extra reasons to buy a One Wheel Hoverboard X1.

It’s cheaper than its competitors, giving you the same level of fun and technological capability at a much more reasonable price.
F Wheels won’t make any exaggerated claims – what you see is what you get.
It’s easy to use and easy to understand.
Its futuristic yet stylish design will ensure you stand out, all whilst reflecting your personal style.
It’s a youthful, exciting method of transportation.
It’s accessible, without the need for high profile celebrity endorsements.
You’ll be able to compare your brand new board to your favorite politician!

one_wheel_electric_skateboard_5_grandeWhile the political hoverboard analogy may seem strange to begin with, a little research will soon show how theOne Wheel Hoverboard X1 is closer to Bernie than Hillary. Who will you be voting for? Our vote goes to the One Wheel Hoverboard X1 for outstanding performance and value, and of course you should already know the human version of that.

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