Hoverboard or Onewheel, Which One is Better?

hoverbaord onewheel

Hoverboard with two wheels and Hoverboard with one wheel become a fashion symbol nowadays. However, the more the choices there are, the harder it is to choose the best one for yourself. As an expert specialized in self balancing scooter field, F-wheel is going to reveal which one fits you best.


1. One wheel hoverboard is more fashionable because its invented later than the two wheel hoverboard. Two wheel hoverboard is invented in 2014 and becomes extremely popular in 2015, When the one wheel hoverboard is invented in the winter of 2015 and hasn’t become as popular as the two wheel hoverboard so far. So, there is a lot of chances and space for the one wheel hoverboard to become a new breaking product in 2016. Reselling this one wheel hoverboard is feasible and profitable. Just like the early sellers of two wheel hoverboard made great money, the one wheel hoverboard seller will also witness a significant grow of new wealth. When the hoverboards are all same watching from the appearance and the user experience of theme are all similar, choosing a reliable manufacturer with low price and steady quality becomes an important issue. We recommend you import from low cost China manufacturer to ensure your high profit.

Two wheel hoverboard and Onewheel hoverboard has the same name, which usually are call hoverboard at the same time. However, there are actually two kind of that. The two wheel hoverbaord and one wheel hoverbaord.


Two wheel hoverboard

2. One wheel hoverboard is harder to learn than the two wheel scooter.

One wheel hoverboard need more time to learn because there is only one wheel wheen there are two wheels to keep the balance.

How to learn the one wheel hoverboard


From a customer: I spent an hour trying to get the hang of this hoverboard* and by the end I could skittishly go in a straight line and just barely make soft turns without falling off. That’s a pretty steep learning curve considering I own a Boosted Board electric skateboard, have longboarded for 12 years, can snowboard, and can stand up on a surfboard.

How to learn the two wheel hoverboard

3.There is less rules made by government for one wheel hoverboard than the two wheel hoverboard.

Needless to say, hoverboard with two wheel becomes famous for its outstanding fashion design and for its fire hazard. One wheel hoverboard has never been reported for its serious safety problem. New product always enjoy less rules and makes money easier.

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